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We help startups build websites, apps and rank #1.

[The information contained herein is for educational purposes only. We are not seeking your investment and this is not a solicitation for investment.]

Angel Kings is the premier startup website design and development firm with the capacity to create the highest quality websites, software, and mobile apps (iOS/Android) in the World.


1. Top Web Design and Development Agency for Startups.

Facts about Angel Kings.

  • Top 1% Selected, Website Developers, Designers, and Coders.

  • More than 75 worldwide design and development awards for “Most Outstanding Technology.”

  • Trained UI/UX engineers for conversion optimization.

  • 24/7 USA-based design, development support team.

  • Creators of the most popular apps and websites in the World.

  • Specializing in building your desktop, mobile (iOS & Android), and online applications to change the world.

2. Angel Investing Fund.

Note: in special some circumstances, i.e. the startup has massive potential to disrupt new markets, we do web design and development for early-stage startups in exchange for a mixture of cash, options, and equity.

The following is helpful information for startups looking to raise capital.

Angel Kings also has an angel investment group led by the expert investors in the world's top startups.

Angel Kings' primary focus is on investing in early-stage startup companies from: e-commerce, digital marketing, biotech, to cybersecurity and the blockchain. Our angel investments span many fields and industries.

Our angel investors are focused on sourcing the best startups, many that come from our web design and development division.

What percentage of your investments come from working to design and develop the technology behind America’s top startups?

About 80% of our angel investments are expected to come from referrals by our website design and development team. That means a majority of the startups in which we invest, come from working to design and engineer the technologies of the hottest startups with the greatest potential for success.

How does your agreement work with startups?

We are proud to offer a hybrid agreement whereby Angel Kings will only charge 70% of normal web design and development fees, and accept 30% of remuneration by way of equity in your startup.

Our agreement saves a startup more than $45,000 on average in development costs.

It’s a massive win for both sides.

In what kinds of startups do you invest?

We have a careful selection process. Our investment comes from exchanging receiving 30% equity instead of cash for our website design and build process.

We typically work with the following types of startups: e-commerce, online platforms, emerging technologies, B2B and B2C ventures.

Note: we only accept 5% or less of candidates for our design and build program.

When do we make VC investments?

You apply.  We review.  You'll hear back within 3 to 4 business days.

Example of Angel Investor Fund to help startups scale their business.

Example of Angel Investor Fund to help startups scale their business.

Why do we invest in early-stage companies?

We invest in many game-changing, early-stage startups from e-commerce to biotechnology.

We believe in making angel investments in startups that can make a difference. This isn’t theoretical, this is practical and many of which can be life-changing top startups.

How can you become a venture capitalist or private equity investor?

Apply for startup funding and investments using the form below.  Startups searching for funding will be reviewed each day as applications roll in through Angel Kings.