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An Official List of the Best Big Data Companies - Fastest Growing

Searching for the top, best big data startups - the fastest, hottest startups in the world?  Our rankings of the best big data startups herein will help you understand the fastest growing technologies for data, networks, and streaming which are changing the way businesses and consumers operate. Big data can be "Artificial Intelligence" or "A.I" machine learning, or technology for processing and parsing through massive amounts of data at scale. We've analyzed and researched the best data startups and present these to you with our commentary on why these companies could become the next billion-dollar startups.

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Top Big Data Startups

Top Big Data Startups

1.  pEER5

With peer-to-peer becoming one of the most popular ways to share content in the internet, bandwidth will always be an issue. There's never enough to go around for everyone who wants to share their content. So Peer5 created a solution. Peer5 helps web publishers lower their bandwidth costs, while improving video stream quality. Peer5, headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, was founded in 2o12 by Hadar Weiss and Shachar Zohar. We predict that Peer5 will revolutionize the world of WebRTC video streaming and highly recommend you use Peer5 for your video networks too.


2.  kAGGLE

Fastest-growing data startups

Fastest-growing data startups

Kaggle is the world's largest community of data scientists. They compete with each other to solve complex data science problems, using the latest and varied applications of machine learning. Kaggle provides cutting-edge business results to companies of all sizes. Kaggle is headquartered in San Francisco, CA, and was founded in 2010 by Ben Hamner and Anthony Goldbloom.


3.  nUMER.AI

If someone told you that they found a way to predict the stock market, you'd probably think that they're pulling your leg. However, Numerai created the world's first encrypted data science tournament for stock market predictions. Since its inception, Numerai data scientists have submitted 14,385,730,135 equity price predictions. Located in San Francisco, Numerai was founded by Richard Craib in 2015.


4.  UbIOME

uBiome is the world's first effort to map the human microbiome since it is, in contrast with the human genome, more easily changed through simple means such as healthful probiotic cultures and lifestyle interventions. uBiome will ultimately empower participants to manage their microbiomes to improve their health as well as make important scientific discoveries for humanity.  Located in San Francisco, uBiome was founded in 2012 by Zachary Apte and Jessica Richman.




Clever provides a platform that lets schools directly connect their student data to external applications, and helps students access all of their learning materials with a single login. Clever is quickly becoming the infrastructure that online learning software depend on since many of the biggest and most innovative applications in education are already powered by Clever. Based in San Francisco, Clever was founded in 2012 by Tyler Bosmeny, Dan Carroll and Rafael Garcia.




Mattermark is a data platform that is soon becoming the go-to software of venture capitalists and angel investors when quantifying signals of growing and potentially lucrative startups. Mattermark is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. It was founded in 2012 by Kevin Morrill, Danielle Morrill and Andy Sparks.




With cybersecurity being an important part of our important documents being stored in the cloud, TrueVault is a HIPAA compliant data store that offer healthcare applications a secure API to store protected health information (PHI). TrueVault handles all of the technical requirements mandated by the HIPAA Security Rule and protects customers under a comprehensive Privacy/Data Breach insurance policy.  TrueVault is located in Redwood City, California, and was founded by Jason Wang and Trey Swann in 2013.



Confluent offers a real-time data platform built around Apache Kafka, which is an open source technology created by the founders of Confluent. Apache Kafka's key strength is its ability to make high volume data available for consumption in systems with very different requirements - from batch systems to stream processing engines.

Located in Palo Alto, CA, Confluent was founded in 2014 by Rajiv Gupta, Jun Rao, Jay Kreps (also CEO) and Neha Narkhede.


9.  mAPd

MapD builds a big data analytics platform that queries and visualizes big data much faster than other systems. It can execute SQL queries over multibillion row datasets with millisecond response times. MapD can be used as a standalone SQL database, depending on the use case, with its own visualization front-end for interactive data exploration, or with third-party visualization tools such as Tableau. Located in San Francisco, CA, MapD was founded in 2013 by Thomas Graham and Todd Mostak.


10. sTYTCH

Stytch is a data analytics platform that provides business teams with everything they need to get more insights, faster. With flexible self-service data preparation tools, Stytch empowers business analysts to more easily blend and model their data, providing the foundation for better quality data discovery and reporting across business. Stytch was founded in 2015 by Mark Cunningham. It is currently located in Vancouver, British Columbia.


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