Top Cybersecurity Startups in America

by Investing Expert Ross Blankenship

The Official List of the Best, Hottest Cybersecurity Companies


Searching for the hottest, fastest-growing cybersecurity startups - the top-ranked companies helping protect and defend consumers and businesses from cyberattacks? We've done the research about these cyber-security companies here and look forward to sharing with you.

This is the most-updated annual list and official rankings of the best cybersecurity startups in the world. Cybersecurity refers to the software, hardware, and services that protect networks, computers, and data. Protection may be any destruction, access, or change that is unauthorized by the user or is unintentional. The bulk of what we refer to as cybersecurity concentrates on protecting against cyber threats–hackers, malware, and criminals that would vandalize or appropriate data or networks for illicit use. Other cybersecurity products might protect against outages or disaster scenarios.

Growing sophistication among hackers and cyber criminals mean legit operations have to work even harder to keep up, and there's always a new threat or security need to be addressed. Since companies can't cut networks and Internet from their processes, cybersecurity products will continue to be a major need.

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By far, one of the fastest growing cybersecurity and security technology companies is Checkr. Checkr provides automated background checks for companies such as Instacart, Uber, Zenefits, Cloudflare and Thumbtack. Look out for Checkr to become a billion dollar cybersecurity startup by beginning to integrate its technology into more cybersecurity products.    



Argus is an automotive cyber security pioneer, helping car manufacturers, their primary suppliers and aftermarket connectivity providers protect cars and commercial vehicles from car-hacking. Founded in 2013 by cybersecurity experts, Argus solutions combine innovative security methods and proven computer networking intelligence with deep understanding of automotive best practices. Founded in 2013 by Oron Lavi, Ben Noon, and Yaron Galula, Argus' R&D is based in Tel-Aviv, with offices in Michigan, Silicon Valley, Stuttgart and Tokyo. Argus Cyber Security will continue to grow in many ways across various cybersecurity platforms.


5.  siftscience - best e-commerce cybersecurity

SiftScience provides an automated service to sift through orders more efficiently than most basic e–commerce solutions or manual processes. The product uses a rules and data engine to process every transaction against a databank of known patterns, identifying problems such as fake accounts or fraudulent payments. The results are that companies identify fraud accurately, reduce false positives on fraud detection, and reduce manual reviews. Watch the video to learn more about how SiftScience could continue to grow in the world of cybersecurity technology.


6. ZeroFox - best social media cybersecurity

ZeroFox enters this market with what it calls cybersecurity’s first social media risk management platform. Users build a database of what matters to the organization–including people and brands–as well as what should be monitored, such as keywords, accounts, and pages. ZeroFox uses that information, along with the overwhelming data associated with social media, to create user–friendly dashboards and alert systems. Alerts are launched when activity appears to impersonate profiles, violate PCI or HIPAA requirements, or include phishing links, among other warning signs.  Zero Fox has big-time potential to grow into many cybersecurity verticals.



SentinelOne is shaping the future of endpoint security with a uniquely integrated platform that combines behavioral-based detection, advanced mitigation and forensics that stops threats in real-time. Specializing in attacks that utilize sophisticated evasion techniques, SentinelOne is the only vendor who offers complete protection against malware, exploit and insider-based attacks. SentinelOne is also the only next-generation endpoint protection company to be independently certified as a true antivirus replacement for Windows, OS X and Linux. Founded in 2013 by Tomer Weingarten and Almog Cohen, SentinelOne is currently located in Mountain View, CA.



Applying crowdsourcing concepts to software security, BugCrowd brings more than 15,000 freelance programmers and IT experts to software testing and reviews. With several levels of service, the company provides penetration testing, glitch sourcing, and vulnerability testing. By delivering its services in a more cost–effective, faster manner than in–house resources, BugCrowd hits home with organizations of all sizes.



Illumio is a data center and cloud security company led by veterans with deep experience in virtualization, networking and security hailing from industry leaders such as Cisco and McAfee. It quickly computes and ensures that security policies are provisioned accurately by understanding and adapting to changes in an organizations cyber infrastructure and applications. Illumio was founded by PJ Kirner and Andrew Rubin in 2013, and its headquarters are located in Sunnyvale, CA.



Synack is a security startup that delivers the most secure, scalable security assessment on the market. Synack leverages the best combination of humans and technology that provides ongoing and on-demand vulnerability intelligence, which then helps their customers augment internal security teams with unparalleled scale and enables them to make better risk management decisions faster and better. Located in Redwood City, CA, Synack was founded in 2013 by Jay Kaplan and Mark Kuhr.


The above list is an official ranking of the best cybersecurity companies including startups that are changing the cyber-security landscape with the hottest, fastest growing technology at scale.  Our experts on cybersecurity have spent months reviewing the various offerings and we welcome your opinion on which companies you thing have the most potential...

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