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Whether you are a growing startup or an investor ready to start funding, fill out the brief form below for the quickest way to get approved. Only accredited investors are permitted access to the hottest startup investment funds through Angel Kings.  You can invest venture capital in the best, top startups in sectors such as Cybersecurity, Biotech, Healthcare, Mobile, Drones, Hardware and Software.  Angel Kings carefully selects the top startups and allows you to invest in startups and diversify your investing portfolio across the hottest, best growing and even net profitable startups.

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Investing in startups explained - How to invest in startups and make money with an inside look at how startup investing works, where you can invest in startups online and what startups investors need to know. Venture capital and angel investing expert Ross Blankenship describes how to invest in startups from different perspectives - the entrepreneur to the early-stage accredited investor.

In order to invest through Angel Kings and become an investor you must be certified as an accredited investor. If you are already certified as an accredited investor or need a certification as an accredited investor and meet the qualifications, you are almost ready to begin investing in the hottest startups. 

Angel Kings is a venture capital and private equity firm focused on the following investments...

Biotechnology: Big Drug discovery, immunotherapy, and medical sciences innovation.

Cybersecurity: Focused on protecting medical facilities, patient data, and physician medical records. 



If you're seeking an investment from angel investors, including a seed round, Series A, or beyond, you should apply to pitch the Angel Kings investor group.   We make investments each year in top startup companies.



Based on SEC rules, we're only allowed to accept a limited number of members to our investor and startup investment fund.  We highly encourage you to apply as acceptances are issued on a rolling basis.  For each member accepted, you will be able to join a syndicate to invest in a curated list of top startups in America.  We will match you based on your investing interest and ability to make an impact.    Once you're approved as an accredited investor, we'll offer you select funds in the best startups.  


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Invest in Biotech Startups with Angel Kings.

Invest in Biotech Startups with Angel Kings.

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