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Based on Fastest-Growing, Number of Downloads, Customer Ratings, and What You Should Download for iOS and Android

by Investing Expert, Ross Blankenship

What are the hottest, must-know mobile apps and mobile Apps in america?

Searching for the fastest-growing, must-know mobile apps to download in America?  This list is our official ranking of mobile apps that you need to download and start using because they'll make your life easier - whether it be through banking, investing, productivity, food, or retail/e-commerce - these mobile apps are a must!  In fact, we use these mobile apps on a daily basis and believe that investing apps like Robinhood, stock investing apps like Acorns, food apps like Tasting Table, or health care apps like ZocDoc, will change the way you live, make money and become more productive.  We based our rankings of the top mobile apps off of the following verifiable metrics: (1) number of downloads for iOS, Android stores, (2) customer ratings (5-stars), (3) quality of the app in both the Apple iOS and Android (Google Play Store).  

This year we've researched and reviewed the top mobile apps and mobile platforms in the world, including iOS and Android mobile startups that are providing businesses and consumers new ways to be productive. This ranking of the best mobile startups gives investors and founders a way to see emerging trends in iPhone and Android technologies.  

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1.  Robinhood - best stock investing app

RobinHood is a stock trading app, where customers can buy and sell their stocks with their iPhone. It allows customers to skip the hassle and intimidation of dealing with stockbrokers and their commission fees by providing a simple and accessible method for anyone to participate in the financial market. RobinHood allows customers to take charge of investing their money, and thus, making stock trading more appealing and approachable to the masses.


2.  Acorns Investing - runner-up best stock/investing app


Acorn investing has opened investing and financial management up for the masses. Their seamless interface allows for auto–investing and saving for millions of investors who want to get in the stock market game. This platform is groundbreaking. Of course, they do run the risk of being copied or cloned by companies like Rocket Internet, but if they do hit scale fast enough, we expect this one could be a billion dollar company in no time. 


3.  ZocDoc - best healthcare app to download

ZocDoc operates on a similar principle as sites such as Angie's List, but in the healthcare niche. Users can search for physicians and other healthcare providers in their area, read reviews, view certification and education information to determine whether the provider meets a particular need. Users can click a button to schedule an appointment or access office contact information if the provider doesn't offer appointments through ZocDoc. 

The psychological need met by ZocDoc is a reduction in stress regarding something that gives many people anxiety: finding a physician and making an appointment. Individuals who are concerned about finding a solid practitioner can vet choices through ZocDoc's reviews, reading about previous patient experience on things such as bedside manner or friendliness of staff. For many, the ability to schedule the appointment with a few clicks of the mouse makes the entire process less stressful.

There's also a convenience factor. Individuals can generate a list of physicians in any area by specialty, find out if insurance is covered, and peruse open appointment times – all in one location. ZocDoc adds to convenience by offering a telephone and email helpline and covering hospitals and clinics as well as single providers.


4.  Tasting Table - best dining restaurant app to download

Tasting Table is a website and newsletter for culinary enthusiasts that brings dining advice, trustworthy recipes and news you can use from the world of food and drink. Tasting Table connects everyone through the power of food by showing how people around the world experience and love food. They provide restaurant reviews, culinary advice from their travels around the world and reviews of classic and modern cuisine. Founded in 2008 by Geoff Bartakovics, Tasting Table has since been acquired.


5.  Carbon Health - best healthcare app to download

A fresh take on healthcare. Carbon Health is a new kind of primary care network that is simple, convenient and always accessible. Carbon’s team of doctors are accessible online through their mobile app and in-person at their clinic, providing a seamless and easy healthcare experience that works with everyone's busy lives.

With smart technology, human-centric design and a team of top medical experts, Carbon’s vision is to build the world’s smartest healthcare network that makes comprehensive care available for all. 


These are the best mobile apps we recommend you download.  The numbers and metrics above were calculated and ranked using up-to-date download figures, search data from Google, and video counts on YouTube.  

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