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Official ranking of the hottest, Fastest Growing Vice startups in the USA

When you search for the best vice startups - what do you think of?  "Vice" startups aren't all bad. To understand what we mean by "vice," let's first define the term: (1) within non-traditionally accepted industries, (2) hard for companies to find bankers due to the nature and subject matter of their products/services, and (3) early-stage in terms of mainstream "cultural" acceptance.  

However, the "Vice" industry is massive. Each year, billions of people search for things on the internet that you can't even imagine exist... and why not capitalize on these trends?  At Angel Kings, we take an open-approach to investing in vice startups within industries listed below. Here are the "7-traditional vices": avarice; envy; wrath; sloth; gluttony; lust; pride.

In fact, as a venture capitalist or angel investor looking to invest in industries that grow even during recessions, the Vice industry should be the top of your list. Our official ranking of the top, best vice startups in America are included below. Be sure to review each individually and determine what could make these Vice startups, billion-dollar startups.

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Rappi App - Reviewed

Rappi App - Reviewed

Founded in 2015 by Simon Borrero, Felipe Villamarin and Sebastian Mejia, Rappi develops and offers online grocery purchasing and on demand delivery platform.  The company designs and develops an application where users can shop for food items and groceries online and can get them delivered to their homes. It also offers delivery of food from restaurants for lunch and dinner. The company is based in Bogota, Colombia with an additional office in Mexico City, Mexico.

Where does the Rappi app fit within the vices? Gluttony, Sloth.  

Instacart app - reviewed

Instacart app - reviewed

2.  instacart - Runner-up mobile food delivery app

Instacart is a same-day grocery delivery startup offering delivery in as little as one hour. Focused on delivering groceries and home essentials, Instacart already has over 500,000 items from local stores in its catalogue.  Customers can choose from a variety of local stores including Safeway, Whole Foods, Super Fresh, Harris Teeter, Shaw's, Mariano's, Jewel-Osco, Stanley's and Costco. Customers can mix items from multiple stores into one order.  Founded in 2012 by Max Mullen, Apoorva Mehta, and Brandon Leonardo, Instacart is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

Where does the Instacart app fit within the vices? Gluttony, Sloth. 


3.  massroots - best marijuana app reviewed


Massroots also provides a service for cannabis users. The mobile app, which boasts semi–anonymous use, doesn't limit itself to dispensaries. It's a social app that brings cannabis users together for discussions, shared information, and real–life connections. MassRoots is definitely a Vice app to look out for in your search of the best vice apps to download and use.  

Where does the MassRoots app fit within the vices? Lust, Sloth.


4.  pax by ploom - runner-up marijuana app reviewed

The Pax App - reviewed

The Pax App - reviewed

Ploom’s sophisticated and simple products, which come in elegant packaging, have been called the iPods or iPhones of the vape market–an obvious branding strength. The devices are more attractive–more desirable–than some of the bulkier items on the market. One interesting thing to note about Ploom and its Pax devices is that the startup didn't see immediate success. The small company knew it had a good idea, but it didn't have the expertise or resources to bring it to a mass market. By teaming up with Japanese Tobacco International, through a minority stake investment by JTI, Ploom gained access to industry scientists, research, and development departments–proof that people and planning matter for startup success.

Ploom’s devices let users retain almost all the nicotine and taste properties of tobacco without inhaling any of the smoke. One of the startup's major challenges was how to compete and brand itself in a growing and competitive field when, by law, it couldn't make health benefit claims. In the end, Ploom capitalized on its other benefits: small, discreet devices that offered optimal convenience.  Ploom will continue to deliver and expand on a seamless experience including with the new release of Pax 2.

Where does the Pax by Ploom app fit within the vices? Lust, Sloth.


5.  youbetme - Review 

top-gambling-startups brings the office football pool–along with anything else social groups might like to bet on–to social media. From sporting events to the due date on the latest family addition, friends can add betting interest to any event. lets users create events and invite people to bet, and it keeps track of winners. 

Where does the YouBetMe app fit in? Avarice/Greed, Lust.


6.  virtuix omni vr - BEST VIRTUAL REALITY APP

Virtuix Omni Logo.png

Virtuix launched via Kickstarter in a similar way that Oculus VR (acquired by Microsoft) had been. Unlike the other startups on our Vice list however, Virtuix is part Vice, part productive tool … with billion dollar implications. Virtuix is a platform for players to immerse themselves within the multi–billion dollar gaming industry. Beyond gaming, Virtuix could easily become a platform for exercise, movies, entertainment and the broader social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter.  

Where does the Virtuix Omni VR Platform fit within the vices? Gluttony, Sloth. After all, why do you need Virtual reality when people are right in front of you?  

Can't we just communicate with everyone normally with putting a VR mask on?  Just saying.  


7.  leafly - cannabis reviewed


You might look at Leafly as the “WebMD” of cannabis. The site lets you find doctors willing to prescribe medical marijuana and dispensaries, but it also offers a growing databank of information for both recreational and medical users. You can access articles, read about popular strains, and peruse reviews of facilities and marijuana types. The startup enters a growing market at a time when users have a psychological need for legitimacy, and by framing marijuana information in an authoritative way, Leafly delivers on that need.  There are also some major investors behind this one.  

Where does the Leafly app fit within the vices? Gluttony, Sloth.


8.  betable - best online gaming money app


Betable's consumer audience is developers. Developers, who make games of any type, may want to add the ability for users to integrate real–money gambling, but anytime users add currency to a development process, they run into headaches. Money transactions require security and compliance protocols–something individual developers can spend countless hours working on. In an environment of hackers and cyber threats, money apps also have to be as perfect as possible, making it tedious for developers who are trying to create games. These complications make it impossible for many organizations and individuals to launch games with a gambling component.

That's where Betable's product comes in. The startup does the work for developers, offering APIs that developers can integrate into games and apps. Betable’s product is the only solution that allows developers to offer legal gambling in a variety of games. The reason is that Betable itself keeps a current gambling license.

Mobile gameplay is already extremely popular among users of all ages, and games such as Candy Crush illustrate that people are willing to add money to game accounts for extra access, perks, or winnings. Developers are willing to pay for Betable, because the product is likely to increase revenues for them through the gambling stream.

Where does the Betable app fit within the vices? Avarice and Lust.



9.  cashbet - runner-up for gaming

Like Betable, Cashbet holds its own gaming licenses that cover any developer that uses its platform. The startup targets mobile gaming and is available on a variety of platforms. Developers don't have to rely on Flash–based desktop games, opening their revenue streams to social media and other mobile–heavy platforms. Cashbet also lets game developers create marketing campaigns through email and push notifications to bolster revenues.

Where does the Cashbet fit within the vices? Avarice and Lust.


10.  DraftKings - best fantasy sports app

DraftKings takes the cult following of fantasy sports leagues and turns it into a profitable venture...for some. Meant to increase the competition and interest of fantasy sports, DraftKings lets users put money on the line while they compete for high–level prizes. While many applications are limited to specific sports, DraftKings offers access to events in baseball, football, basketball, soccer, golf, hockey, and more.  As even more validation for this vice startup, The Walt Disney Company just announced a major investment of $250,000,000 at a $900 million dollar valuation. Draft Kings is set to soar even higher, and you can expect a future IPO.

Where does the DraftKings app fit within the vices? Avarice, Sloth, Lust.


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