Angel Kings' Investment Group

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Angel Kings is the premier venture capital and private equity firm focused on biotechnology and medical innovation.


Who is Angel Kings?

Angel Kings is a VC (venture capital) and private equity investment group led by expert, early investors in the world's top startups.  Angel Kings' primary focus is on investing in early-stage biotechnology companies: drug discovery, life and medical sciences, as well as genomics and therapeutical treatments for patients. We have both a venture capital and private equity division that specializes in finding, researching, and investing in top startups, early-stage companies, and pre-IPO biotechnology companies for investors.

Our angel investors are focused on biotechnology and medical discoveries.  We have backgrounds in life sciences and healthcare, as well as pharmaceutical development, including bringing biotechnology products and services to markets.    

What do we invest in? Answer: biotechnology, medical innovation, and drug discovery.

Angel Kings invests in home run, game-changing medical discovery and patient treatments.  We don't invest in clones or the "next" copy of an already-built idea.  You must have the people, product, and process in place to re-define the biotechnology industry.  You must have traction or one of the best MVPs (Minimum Viable Product) we've ever seen.  Our medical team and venture capital group has invested in more than 33+ companies, all of which have a proven track record of revenue and long-term success.

When do we make VC investments?

You apply.  We review.  You'll hear back within 3 to 4 business days.

Where do we invest our private equity?

Angel Kings' biotech investors are in several cities including Washington DC, New York, San Francisco (Palo Alto/Silicon Valley), Austin, Denver, and our startup investments are international and domestic.  We also have branches of startups investors focused on biotechnology, including cities and towns such as Aspen, Vail and Denver - Colorado, Arlington and Alexandria - Virginia, and Los Angeles, Burbank and Santa Monica - California.

 How to Invest in Biotechnology Companies

How to Invest in Biotechnology Companies

Why do we invest in early-stage companies?

We invest in early-stage drug development, biotechnology and medical sciences companies before they're approved by the FDA.  Many of our biotechnology companies are in Phase 1, and Phase 2, and some even earlier, within the life cycle of the FDA approval process.

However, we believe in making big investments in biotechnology companies which will eventually return major capital to our limited partners and investors. 

How can you become a venture capitalist or private equity investor?

Apply for startup funding and investments using the form below.  Startups searching for funding will be reviewed each day as applications roll in through Angel Kings.