Alternative Software to Google Analytics


What are the top 3 alternatives for startups to use and gather important analytics?


Why are analytics software important to startups?

Here are the top 3 alternatives to Google Analytics.

Here are the top 3 alternatives to Google Analytics.

Google Analytics clearly is a solid platform but there are others out there that will give you a better sense of how your users are using your site and what they're looking for when they land on your page.

Here are the top three we recommend to startups that we've invested in.  The number one on our list is Kissmetrics, number is Mixpanel, number three is Crazy Egg. All three of these provide solid options for evaluating and understanding your user behavior so that you can convert users and help you make money. Check out these three if you want an alternative to Google Analytics.

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What makes these three software tools the best alternatives to Google Analytics?