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You Can Invest in Your Alma Mater's Next Billion-Dollar Top Startups with our Venture Capital and Angel Investment "Dorm Room" Funds

Who We Are:

Led by expert on investing, Ross Blankenship (3x entrepreneur, 6x bestselling author). Ross Blankenship is an expert on startups.

What We Invest: 

We're investing in 25 of the best startups from colleges each year.  

Our angel investments are targeted to the following five industries as we see the highest-growth potential:

  1. Cybersecurity

  2. Biotech

  3. Financial Technology (Banking) 

  4. E-Commerce and Mobile Development

  5. Drone and Virtual Reality

Rules of our VC Funds:

You can invest up to $2,500,000 per fund.  

The minimum reservation is $25,000.

Each school's fund is capped at $10,000,000.

Most funds are reserved and full within 7 days of launch.

Our purpose is to not invest because of loyalty to the college, but rather because we see the potential for a college dorm room founder (or alumni) to have a home run, return on investment (ROI).  We invest in both current student startup founders as well as recent graduates and alumni of top colleges and universities.


Famous College Startup Founders:

Dorm Room Founders - Best Examples from

Dorm Room Founders - Best Examples from


In which colleges do you invest?

Currently we have 30 colleges signed up. If your college is not listed, get in touch.

The minimum investment is $25,000 for investing in our primary Dorm Room Fund.  

We are accepting investments from colleges and alumni at the following schools:


The Ivy League + Top Tier


Top Liberal Arts Colleges


How You Can Invest in Your School

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