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You Can Invest in Your Alma Mater's Next Billion-Dollar Top Startups with our Venture Capital and Angel Investment "Dorm Room" Funds

Who We Are:

Led by expert on investing, Ross Blankenship (3x entrepreneur, 6x bestselling author). Blankenship is an expert on startups and the impact on education. He has also taught entrepreneurship courses at universities such as Cornell, Washington University and MIT.  

We've got a venture capital and angel investing group dedicated to investing in the next Billion-Dollar startups emerging from today's best colleges.  Angel Kings is ranked #1 for finding, discovering and investing in the next dorm-room founder success stories.

What We Invest: 

We're investing in 25 of the best startups from colleges each year.  

Our angel investments are targeted to the following five industries as we see the highest-growth potential:

  1. Cybersecurity

  2. Biotech

  3. Financial Technology (Banking) 

  4. E-Commerce and Mobile Development

  5. Drone and Virtual Reality

Rules of our VC Funds:

You can invest up to $2,500,000 per fund.  

The minimum reservation is $25,000.

Each school's fund is capped at $10,000,000.

Most funds are reserved and full within 7 days of launch.

Our purpose is to not invest because of loyalty to the college, but rather because we see the potential for a college dorm room founder (or alumni) to have a home run, return on investment (ROI).  We invest in both current student startup founders as well as recent graduates and alumni of top colleges and universities.


Famous College Startup Founders:


In which colleges do you invest?

Currently we have 30 colleges signed up. If your college is not listed, get in touch.

The minimum investment is $25,000 for investing in our primary Dorm Room Fund.  

We are accepting investments from colleges and alumni at the following schools:


The Ivy League + Top Tier








Top Liberal Arts Colleges





How You Can Invest in Your School

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