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Ross D. Blankenship

"The #1 Leading Expert on Startups.”

Motto: help others, and good karma will come back to you.

CEO & Chairman

Ross D. Blankenship is a successful e-commerce builder, venture capitalist and author of several books on managing companies and investing smart capital in industries such as biotechnology, cybersecurity and e-commerce.  Ross is one of the world's leading experts on startups and is an active consultant and advisor to several top media outlets on topics ranging from startup development, angel investing to website design and e-commerce strategies for startups.  Ross Blankenship is also the inventor of the term "Populist Investing” and has been an active, lead investor in many crowdfunding campaigns.  

Ross Blankenship's angel investing and venture capital book provides a roadmap for how to successfully deploy private equity and venture capital in America's billion-dollar top startups.

Ross Blankenship also published a best-selling book on the cybersecurity industry, and how these cybersecurity startups are protecting the American economy.  

Ross Blankenship has successfully built online startups, raised private equity capital for startups, and been featured in TechCrunch, Mashable and US News and World Report magazine. Ross Blankenship has made more investments in venture capital before the age of 30 than most venture capitalists have made in a lifetime.

As a venture capital expert and early investor in top startups, Ross Blankenship continues to advise media outlets on upcoming SEC rules, been a mentor for startups, and helped accredited investors make investments in the highest ranked startups.  

Ross Blankenship was also one of the first investors in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the Blockchain, long before the launch of decentralized networks.  

Ross Blankenship graduated from Cornell University (B.A.), Washington University School of Law (J.D.), and studied advanced cybersecurity studies at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

 Ross Blankenship - Startups Expert, Angel & Venture Capital Investor.

Ross Blankenship - Startups Expert, Angel & Venture Capital Investor.

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Eugene H. Chung 


Eugene Chung is the research director and designer at Angel Kings, an website design and digital marketing firm for startups. Eugene has a background in in design and development of small to large-scale startups.

Eugene is also the co-author of the latest book by Angel Kings, called “The Investing King” which is available in retail stores and via Amazon.

Eugene graduated from Duke University and competed in Division 1 fencing. 



Greg Upchurch

Legal advisor

Greg has been a practicing Intellectual Property Litigator for over 30 years having received his J.D. from Yale Law School in 1975 and his B.S. Physics and M.S. Electrical Engineering degrees from University of Missouri - Rolla.

Greg is the founder and Director of Research at LegalMetric - an innovative platform helping companies save money in patent litigation.  Greg is an Adjunct Professor at Washington University Law School; Author of Intellectual Property Litigation Guide: Patents and Trade Secrets (3 vol. Thompson West, 1995 to date), a practicing patent litigator and expert witness (computer and electronics based inventions and medical devices). He also serves on the Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education as Vice-Chair.

Greg was one of the inspirations behind the Angel Kings CEO (Ross Blankenship) creating his first company.  Ross gleaned tremendous amounts of knowledge about how to run a company while working for Greg's litigation analysis firm.



Angel Kings' Advisory Team

ROHIT GUPTA is a former director at High Line Ventures, an early stage investment fund based in New York City concentrating on investments in e-commerce, creative platforms, and disruptive infrastructure. Before his current gig he served as an associate at RBS Global Banking where he worked with innovative cross asset solutions covering exotic derivatives across interest rates, inflation, foreign exchange, equities and hybrids. He also served as an analyst at ABN AMRO working with large corporate on optimizing their hedging programs. He also took a semester off college to work at Goldman Sachs.

Rohit graduated from Cornell University where he received a Bachelors of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering. 


MICHAEL J. BLANKENSHIP has extensive general corporate experience, including private equity funds, securities (public and private offerings), broker-dealer, and investment adviser representation. Specifically, Michael has advised private equity sponsors in their fundraising activities and investment managers in various structured finance transactions.  In addition, Michael has counseled international clients on federal and state regulatory issues, including SEC, CFTC, FINRA and NFA rules.  

Michael also has studied Chinese and lived in China.  

Michael graduated from the University of Rochester, Syracuse University, and Rutgers University - Newark School of Law.

Angel Kings has a proven track record of success with startups including designing and building the following:

  • Creating the most popular, and download grocery delivery app in North America.

  • Creating the most popular real estate website for realtors on the web.

  • Building the most-advanced SEO platform for agencies.

  • Early-stage investments in startups now worth more than $7 Billion (including Home light, Rappi, Managed by Q, and Planetary Resources).

  • Developing an early-stage angel investment fund for Seed and Series A round startups, call Angel Kings Pre-IPO Fund.



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 Angel Kings also has one of the world’s leading portfolio of startup investments.  Learn more about Angel Kings’  startup investments .

Angel Kings also has one of the world’s leading portfolio of startup investments. Learn more about Angel Kings’ startup investments.

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