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Pat Condon

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Pat Condon co-founded Rackspace Managed Hosting (also known as Rackspace Hosting, Inc) in February 1998 and served as its Vice President of Business Development since December 1998. Mr. Condon founded Rackspace US, Inc. in 1998. He held numerous leadership positions in marketing, customer care and business development and helped champion Rackspace's unique flavor of customer service, Fanatical SupportTM. Pat holds a BA in Finance from Santa Clara Universit


Scott Kosch

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"My name is Scott, and I'm a startup junkie. I like to roll up my sleeves and make an impact on the growth trajectory of a company - not just provide capital. I'll help a CEO grow into the role or fill in temporarily for strategy and BD. If a company needs VC funding, I bring those relationships."


Rick Timmins

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Rick is a resident of Austin, Texas and is heavily involved in the Austin start-up community. He is the Board Chairman and member of the Central Texas Angel Network (CTAN). He has invested in over 24 start-up companies in Austin since 2009 and has assisted many entrepreneurs with thoughts and recommendations.



What are the top startups from Austin, TX?

Publik Demand

Publik Demand

Featured on New York TImes, CNN, Fox and ABC and TechCrunch.
400,000+ people reached by PublikDemand in first 30 days after launch.

PublikDemand aggregates and organizes customer complaints by topic and company. Individual complaints are turned into qualified leads for competitors.



Stripe for Shipping: Postmaster creates a common, Restful API for shipping and tracking packages through UPS, Fedex, and USPS. We improve the way businesses ship packages on the internet by optimizing costs and accelerating integration.



Numerous follows the most important numbers in your life and keeps them up to date, all in one place.
Apple featured Numerous on the front page of the App Store as a Best New App.


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