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Leading book on how to become a venture capital and angel investor - called Kings Over Aces. By Angel Kings Founder.

Leading book on how to become a venture capital and angel investor - called Kings Over Aces. By Angel Kings Founder.

Want to become a venture capitalist

Well, VC Investors aren’t born overnight. They don’t come out of the womb with the ability to identify successful startups. They might want you to think they do, but they don’t. Some may have the good fortune to have an ample cash flow to invest. But the knowledge that would allow them to pick the right companies in which to invest isn’t something learned by intuition. Intuition is expensive.

Founder of Angel Kings, Ross D. Blankenship

If you want to become a venture capitalist, you need to know the following 5 rules to begin in terms of the order in which you invest:

(1) Invest in people.

(2) Invest in products.

(3) Invest in the process (scalable or not).

(4) Invest in the financials fourth - and the company's ability to go public as an IPO (initial public offering).

(5) Invest in the total addressable market (TAM) last... because you might well be creating your own market from scratch like companies such as Airbnb.

Our bestselling course on how to become a venture capitalist can help you get all the answers you need in your pursuit of angel investing.


What you need is both strategy and focus to win so you can become one of the incredibly successful venture capital and angel investors.


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Biotechnology Venture Capital Funds

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