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What are our top 3 free online survey tools? Official Review of Top Survey Software Websites recommended for your startup or company:

Here are the top 3 free online survey tools and software resources.

Here are the top 3 free online survey tools and software resources.

You want to save money to make money, so look at the three best online survey tools that will help you get an accurate assessment on what your users are interested in, what your users want and what they don't want. You've got to do what's called a "validation process" for your users to figure out what they're ready, willing, and able to pay for. In doing so, we want to help save you some money by giving you three free online survey tools to help launch your company. The first is Google Forms, the second is SurveyMonkey, and the third we've ranked as the best of the best is Typeform. All three of these offer ample opportunities to get that feedback from clients, from customers, and potential leads.

If you're about to build a company and want to build the next big thing, check out Google Forms, SurveyMonkey, and Typeform, our best, by the way, and why we ranked them. Number one is Google Forms. Part of the process of building a great company is saving that money and spending on the right things. If you can have a basic way, a simple way, to embed within your website a process or a form to get feedback and to then assess that feedback and find out what people want, that's Google Forms. You don't have to pay a dime. All you have to pay for, probably, is the internet access, or if you're viewing this from an internet café, you might just have to log in. That's really what this is about.

All three of these tools offer ample opportunities to get feedback from clients, customers and potential leads.

 Once you're able to get on the internet, go to Google Forms and register for Google Forms. You can use your Gmail account. You can then embed these forms and connect it to your Google docs, your Google drive, where you can collect the valuable input I've been speaking about. Those are the best three. In fact, if you want to learn more about these tools and other really top resources for you as an entrepreneur, you've got to check out We've put together the world's best course on investing and startups, as well as how to build those next great companies.


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