The Best Startup CEOs

Role, Responsibilities, Skills and Traits of the Leading Startups



Top Startup CEOs in America; The hottest, best startup CEOs are examined in this video, including a look at who the best CEOs are, what makes them great, and why they are considered the top CEOs to work for.

Within the startup community, we look to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) as a model for employees, independent contractors, and the leadership at his or her company. In the following video, you'll learn about what it takes to be a startup CEO, the role, responsibilities and skills that exemplify a great leader. The Best Startup CEO is the one who can lead in good times and bad, through the ups and downs of a startup's path toward the market.  

The Startup CEO Role:


-Ambitious, but calculated.

-Makes data-driven decisions.


Responsibilities of the CEO:

-Manage leadership team.

-Provide objective advice to all team members.

-Learn from mistakes, but make fewer mistakes.


Find out what makes a great startup CEO:

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Best Startup CEO - Ranked #1.  

Best Startup CEO - Ranked #1.  

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