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The best, greatest must-watch videos for entrepreneurs and startup new companies, including advice and strategies on your business model and how to succeed as a start-up. Ross Blankenship, expert venture capitalist and investor ( discusses who, what, where and what videos are must-see for entrepreneurs and startups creating a new company.

I think the absolute first videos that any startup founder or entrepreneur needs to watch are pitch events. Early in my career we did an event called TechCrunch. We went out to San Francisco and we pitched in front of thousands of people. I think a lot of these pitch events are great because not only do you get to see the problem, but you find a solution in a short amount of time. As you watch these pitches, you too can refine your own pitch into less than one minute because you need to be able to explain what your product is to an audience in a sync message in the same way that a pitch event happens. Tech Crunch videos are great.





Other videos that I've watched, I know Y-Combinator has a startup school and Sam Altman has taught quite a bit at Stanford University. I think a lot of his videos are excellent. In addition, Brad Feld out of the Foundry Group has done an excellent job with some of his videos online. Other videos you'll find, Peter Thiel, the author of Zero to One, has many great interviews and videos, and his book is fantastic as well. Those are hopefully great starts for entrepreneurs watching videos and investors who are looking to be part of start ups. 


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