The Next Billion Dollar Startups

Ranking of the Future IPOs and Billion-Dollar Startup Unicorns

Are you searching for the next billion-dollar startups and IPOs? Which companies will be the next unicorns and IPOs?

Good news: over the past years, we've analyzed and reviewed the future IPOs and billion dollar startups - looking for the perfect combination of people, product, execution, timing and financials. Here's our list of the future billion dollar startups to watch.  

The Top 5 - Rankings of Next Billion Dollar Companies

#1 Buffer

#2 Checkr

#3 Lenda

#4 InDinero

#5 Wheelys Cafe International (Y-Combinator)

These top 5 companies include various industries from social media (Buffer) to online money management (InDinero). We expect each of these to have the ability to independently become billion-dollar companies in the future.


Startup Expert and Angel Investor - Transcript on the Next Billion Dollar Startups | Billion Dollar Valuation - Top Startups in 2015, hottest and must-watch startups for 2015 including best ranked list of start-ups from many industries and companies. Expert on startups & venture capital, Ross Blankenship ( describes which startups made these rankings and why some startups can become billion-dollar companies.

How do you find the hottest startups and future billion dollar companies? There are two industries that I think are the most important in terms of the movement of technology; it's the Internet of Things and cybersecurity. They're both connected in so many ways. The Internet of Things includes things in your home, like your thermostat, your smoke detector and your alarm systems. The Internet of Things is absolutely enormous and its been exponentially growing for the last ten years. You also have big semi-conductor companies like Skyworks Solutions and Applied Materials. They're very much tapping into Honeywell and other companies that's tapping into the Internet of Things.

Startups within that space, the Internet of Things, are companies that are tapping it in a new way. A great example was Dropcam which Google recently bought, but I consider them to this day to be a unique startup in the sense that they tapped into one single product idea- the ability to record and to have on-demand access to security and to create value for the consumer in an affordable way. That's what Dropcam was when it began.

On the second sector and next billion dollar companies, cybersecurity is absolutely blowing up. I recently wrote a book called Cybernation and it gives a really detailed analysis of top cyber security startups. Within the book Cybernation, I mention three or four companies that I think people need to be aware of. Synack Labs is an emerging technology that has created a platform where people can have their company white-hacked. White-hacked is when a company provides hackers the ability to tap into their network and tell them where the issues are in their system. Synack Labs is a great company to look out for in the future. It's definitely one of the hottest startups. Bugcrowd and Ciphercloud are two other startups that you should take a look at. 

Overall, we are looking at Internet of Things as the hottest industry with the best startups in 2015. Combined with cybersecurity, those are the ones to look out for, for 2016, 2017 and beyond.


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The Future Unicorns and Billion Dollar Startups.

The Future Unicorns and Billion Dollar Startups.

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