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An Official List of the Best Biotech Companies - Fastest Growing

Searching for the top, best-in-class biotechnology startups in America/USA? This list contains the best, top “Biotech” / biotechnology startups in the world, including the field of all biotech startups that are biology–based technology companies. Some types of companies in the field include pharmaceutical companies, R&D firms with a biological focus, and equipment and tech firms servicing research labs and scientists. The combined purpose of most of these companies is to develop knowledge, technology, and products that fight diseases or provide solutions for other global issues such as hunger or resource scarcity.

With 3,000 biotech companies at an average valuation of $5 million from our research list, there are plenty of opportunities for investors in the biotech industry. As with cybersecurity, biotech startups offer a good chance at IPO action. In 2013, the industry saw more IPOs overall than it had for the past 13 years. While the industry is more volatile overall than other options, no one will argue that biotech will continue to be relevant through 2020, and many biotech firms offer long–term investment opportunities that can balance out the portfolios of angel investors with a lot of hot–burning software investments. 

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1.  tute genomics - BEST GENOME/DNA

Tute Genomics' product, Tute, allows genome and DNA researchers collaborate, research, and access existing knowledge via a fast, low–cost platform. Tute markets itself has having the largest genetic knowledge library available and provides access to 200 relevant genomic knowledge sources in real–time. Users can also access secure patient portals and clinical reports and advanced analysis tools. Tute uses ANNOVAR, a recognized genome annotation and interpretation technology, to deliver efficient, accurate results for labs and patients. Vendors and providers can further build on the technology by using Tute APIs in existing pipelines. 


Revolutionizing how scientists conduct experiments, Transcriptic allows scientists to conduct and submit their experiments from any location to Transcriptic laboratories, where Transcriptic "workcells" then automates the execution of the experiments in a much faster and accurate fashion.  Once the experiment is completed, Transcriptic will then email the results of the experiment to the scientist. Located in Menlo Park, California, Transcriptic was founded in 2012 by Max Hodak.


3.  Science Exchange - BEST R&D FOR STARTUPS

Science Exchange offers organizations access to researchers and experts across the globe in a market–based format that keeps pricing fair and opens doors for Research and Development (R&D) in companies of all sizes. Users can order experiments from a lab that specifically meets the technical requirements of the experiment, regardless of the location of that lab. One benefit of the service is that companies can access specialty equipment and staff that may only exist in a few places in the world.



Codiak BioSciences is developing exosomes, natural vesicles that mediate inter-cellular communication, as both a powerful therapeutic modality and an advanced diagnostic system. Codiak is building a world-class team and has generated and acquired foundational intellectual property that will allow it to capitalize on the unique potential of exosome biology. Headquartered in Massachusettes, Codiak was founded in 2015 and its current CEO and President is Douglas E. Williams, Ph.D.



top-biotechnology-startups takes a model that has proven itself and applies it to a niche in great need of a solution. The model is one made popular by sites like Kickstarter–funding sites where the crowd picks the winner. With, though, funding requests are limited to scientific research needs.  

At a time when scientific funding is increasingly political and when many researchers can no longer rely on the availability of grants, lets interested organizations and philanthropists drive innovation. The startup points out that researchers in the past five years have spent more time seeking funding by writing grant proposals than doing the work to solve major problems. The product, then, meets a need that people can get behind–supporters who want to see results can impact the efficiency of research through their funding. Researchers in categories ranging from biology to mathematics can seek funding for a variety of projects. Funders can support their preferred industry or choose projects in which researchers promise to release results in open access formats.

Spero Therapeutics.jpg

6.  Spero Therapeutics - cell therapeutics

Spero Therapeutics is developing first in class therapeutics for treatment of Gram-negative infections. The company leverages a top-tier chemistry and microbiology team, an efficient virtual approach to drug development, and a focus on high potential, novel mechanisms to fill the unmet need for early stage therapeutics and serious bacterial infections. Located in Cambridge, Massaschusettes, Spero Therapeutics was founded in 2013 by Laurence Rahme. Spero Therapeutics company has massive potential to become a billion dollar biotech company.


7.  Notable Labs - best cancer and oncology biotech 

Everyone would love to say that they helped find the cure to cancer. Notable Labs is paving the way exactly for that. How do they do it? Your doctor will send a sample of your tumor to Notable Labs. Notable Labs will then choose FDA-approved drugs with anti-cancer effects. They then test combinations of these drugs against your tumor, and sends your results to your doctor. Your doctor will use those results to make the best recommendations for you and your treatments. Located in San Francisco, Notable Labs is founded by Matt De Silva in 2014.


8. counsyl - dna testing platform

Counsyl's web–portal lets individuals access several medical screenings, including genetic screens that help reassure women that their pregnancy is not at increased risks for DNA abnormalities and a DNA screening that lets couples understand their chance of passing issues on to children. The business also offers cancer screening so families can understand inherited cancer risks.

Counsyl goes even further by working with clinicians to provide web–based consulting sessions with patients. Patients who use the screening services are connected with an appropriate clinician, who can explain what the results of the test might mean for individuals and families. The result is a better–informed individual who can make life choices while weighing risks appropriately. Watch the video to learn more.


9.  Perlstein Lab - best crispr technology

Perlstein Lab (PLab) is the first Public Benefit Corporation accelerating precision drug discovery for 5000+ rare genetic diseases. PLab uses a platform of CRISPR-engineered animal models (yeast, nematodes, fruit flies and zebrafish) in whole-organism phenotypic screens to generate disease-reversing orphan drug candidates much faster and cheaper than traditional in vitro and cell-based approaches. Founded by Ethan Perlstein, Ph.D. in 2014, PLab is located in San Francisco, California.


10. Semma Therapeutics - best insulin treatments

Semma Therapeutics.jpg

Semma Therapeutics was founded to develop transformative therapies for patients who currently depend on insulin injections. Recent work in the laboratory of Professor Douglas Melton led to the discovery of a method to generate billions of functional, insulin-producing beta cells in the laboratory. Implantation of the beta cell-filled device has the potential to provide a true replacement for the missing beta cells in diabetic patients and improve their lives. Located in Cambridge, MA, Semma Therapeutics was founded by Doug Melton, Ph.D in 2015.



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