Bluehost vs. Hostgator vs. GoDaddy

Bluehost vs. Hostgator vs. GoDaddy: Comparison & Review of Best Web Hosting

What is the best web hosting platform for your to buy a new domain, host the website, and start selling products and services?

Which of these websites is the best web hosting platform?

Which of these websites is the best web hosting platform?

This is a phenomenally competitive space in which people compete and more or less, they compete on price. You, as a consumer, need to select based off of quality, quality always trumps quantity. What are the best ones out there? What is the best web host for you? One caveat, we would never recommend any of these if we hadn't used them before, so we have used these and tried and tested.

Which website hosting platforms are the most affordable for pricing?  

By far, the best of the group here, and the group is Bluehost, Host Gator and GoDaddy. I'm sure you've heard at least GoDaddy, which is the most commercialized of all. Of all of these, Bluehost is the best in terms of affordability, in terms of ease of use of usability, in terms of customer service, as well as the overall winner for ease of use and the ability to connect and integrate products from your dashboard. I've never seen anything like it, so make sure you check out Bluehost. It is a phenomenal product, a great platform, we've used them for years for a variety of domains and they beat the rest by far.

Bluehost is the best in terms of affordability, ease of use and customer service.

The prices for the three platforms are about the same. This is such a commoditized market where web hosting sites are just trying to beat the other by one dollar, two dollars per month. Think about that and don't select a web host based on whether you save thirty dollars a year. It's okay to save money, but we have sometimes spend a little bit extra money to make money if you have a web host where you can reach out to them quicker. Let's say your website is down. The proverbial, my website is down, I need help. I can speak from personal experience that the team at Bluehost has always been there for us within minutes of calling them, they are there. Compare them to Host Gator or GoDaddy, there's virtually zero customer support. The dashboard's aren't that great whereas Bluehost has always been there for us, so I would recommend them.

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