Bowdoin Alumni: How To Give Back To Bowdoin College & Network


The Bowdoin Alumni Fund:

 The Bowdoin Alumni Network

The Bowdoin Alumni Network

Angel Kings is a proud supporter of the Bowdoin Startup Community.

 We've created hyper-targeted VC funds that are specifically for Bowdoin alumni to invest in the Bowdoin startup community, and to support the future entrepreneurs are doing great things there.

How can you donate or give back to the Bowdoin community?

There are three things that we can do, and like to have you join us. That's, number one, as opposed to just donating to the college, think about becoming a Bowdoin mentor for top startups and emerging dorm room founders there. That's a very cool opportunity, which we can help you with through Angel Kings.

 The second is to speak at Bowdoin's campus events. These are entrepreneurial events; these are events in which you can become a judge of startup competitions. You can create your own thought leadership and help share many of the stories, the trials and tribulations you might have had yourself, in starting companies. It's a great opportunity, all around, both for the startups, the mentors, and the potential investors in these companies.

Can you invest in Bowdoin's startups?

 How to Give to Bowdoin College - for Alumni 

How to Give to Bowdoin College - for Alumni 

The third is, as I mentioned, we give you the chance, the opportunity, to invest in Bowdoin targeted BC funds. These support Bowdoin only entrepreneurs, right. They're exclusively founded by Bowdoin entrepreneurs, just to be very clear.

 Bowdoin is not affiliating or endorsing these funds, just to be clear. However, as a Bowdoin alum, you can have a huge impact on building the next generation of top Bowdoin startups through investments like these. These are custom built for Bowdoin alum, just like you. If you want, reserve. I would recommend donating and giving to Bowdoin college in new ways that help advance the future of the college.

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