Bowdoin Alumni: Most Famous CEOs & Graduates


Who are Bowdoin's most famous graduates and alumni?

 Bowdoin College: Famous Alumni and Graduates

Bowdoin College: Famous Alumni and Graduates

Hey there, my name is Ross Blankenship, I'm the founder of Angel Kings, a top venture capital firm as well as an investor in some of America's top startups. I want to spend a moment going of a top college and some of the alumni that have come out of there. I'm very well connected to Bowdoin for many reason, one of which, my wonderful wife attended Bowdoin College and is a very successful doctor on her way to doing great things as well. She's just not old enough to be on this list yet. That's what I have to tell her, but here are the three most famous Bowdoin College alum, particularly famous alum who had the biggest impact on both science and technology.

Henry V. Poor - of the S&P, Standard & Poor's

 The first in chronological, or somewhat chronological order is Henry V. Poor. Henry V. Poor graduated back in 1835 and his brother and him established a law practice after graduating Bowdoin College up in Bangor, Maine, then they invested in the growing timber industry, obviously there's plenty of trees up there, and through that industry, and through that timber, lumber industry, the Poor brothers became not so poor anymore, they became very wealthy. They then went into railways and to transportation and eventually Henry V. Poor became the founder of what's now known as Standard and Poors, which is a financial services company that's owned by McGraw-Hill, but it evolved out of the mid 1800s, late 1800s and is traced back actually to Henry V. Poor's publication called the History of Railways and Canals in the United States. That publication became a comprehensive financial and operational analysis of US railways, and so he became a thought leader in the space so to speak as I say at Angel Kings. Henry V. Poor's definitely one of the most famous of all Bowdoin College alum.

Reed Hastings - Founder of Netflix

 Top Graduates of Bowdoin College in Maine

Top Graduates of Bowdoin College in Maine

The second on our list is Reed Hastings. If you're a subscriber to Netflix, well, you probably heard of Reed Hastings, or if not, Reed Hastings graduated Bowdoin College in 1983, where he always had sort of an adventurous side to him.  After graduating in '83, he went on to join the Peace Corps and then continued on his path and to Stanford where he graduated with a Master's in Computer Science, but while he was at Bowdoin, he clearly had a very entrepreneurial mindset and did some cool campus organizations and groups there. Now, let me tell you, the Bowdoin spirit is alive in him and not just financially. He's worth about 2 billion dollars, but he continues through his foundations and his perspective, give back to the community and give back to Bowdoin. He's also on the board of Facebook and Microsoft as well, so doing some solid things in that space.

Kenneth Chenault - American Express

The last on our list is a gentlemen named Kenneth Chenault who graduated Bowdoin in 1973, and Kenneth Chenault is the former CEO and chairman of American Express and he's the third black CEO ever of a Fortune 500 company. He went on from Bowdoin College, he then went on to Harvard Law School and received his BA in history from Bowdoin in 1973 and then went on to Harvard Law School. He joined American Express and then went on up the ladder and a lot of his, he says a lot of his training and a lot of his expertise and his sort of thoughtfulness, his progressive mindset came from having attended Bowdoin.

Those are the top three most famous Bowdoin College alum. It's a phenomenal school, definitely want to check out and if you want to invest or learn how to get connected to some of the hot startups emerging from Bowdoin, simply reach out to our team.  What we've done is put together funds that are targeted specifically to companies emerging from Bowdoin, current students and former students who are looking to raise money. Those are the most famous Bowdoin College alum in science and technology and are top startup founders. If you want to learn about how to give or make a gift to Bowdoin college as an alumni, get in touch with our experts on Bowdoin.


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