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The difference between Buffer vs. Hootsuite: it's not just pricing...

How does Buffer compare against Hootsuite?

How does Buffer compare against Hootsuite?

I'd like to go over just a quick brief summary of two application tools that could help you, your start-up, or your company, or even your venture capital investing grow exponentially, and those two products that we have looked at, and analysed to help you are called, Buffer and Hootsuite. 

What are these two products, and how can they help, and what's better? What should you use? Well, both are social media automation tools that give you the opportunity to distribute your content, your thought leadership broadly, in order to bring new customers in. These customers, as a result of reading the content and seeing your influence across your social media channels, may end up buying your product, or engage you in services.

They're two strong tools, but one is better. We have ranked them up for a variety of things. We look at every product we recommend. We would never recommend anything to you, unless we have actually used it. That is something that you need to know. We look at affordability, we look at ease of use, or i.e. usability. We look at customer service, and many of those factors, and here is where they break down.

Both Buffer, and Hootsuite, as of right now, have a free trail for individual plans up to 30 days, and it gives you a chance to test the waters out, schedule some posts, and see what your engagement is. Between the two, their UI/UX dashboard is about even. I might give a slight advantage to Buffer in a sense that it's simpler, cleaner, and more aesthetic, but I think if you're looking for more complex dashboards, Hootsuite might have that. 

What about Automatic Scheduling? In other words, build the content, got to bring people there, so you schedule it automatically. Both of them are solid, I might actually put Buffer a little bit higher on the list, but they're about even on that front, as of right now.

Does Buffer vs Hootsuite have an analytics advantage?

Why are social media automation tools important for startups?

Why are social media automation tools important for startups?

The analytics advantage actually has a huge impact for you as a start-up. Whatever size you are, the analytics advantage at Buffer is quite strong. You can see within their simple dashboard, analytical tools that give you a slight advantage to know what things you should re-bufferize, or re-post. Hootsuite does that to some extent, but I know our team have been using Buffer, and are always raving about the strong analytics advantage that it offers. 

Lastly is product support. You want to focus. The goal is to spend the least amount of money possible, for a maximum result as a start-up. You want to conserve money until, and spend it only on the things that are necessary, and Buffer is absolutely necessary. The reason for that is, because you want to have a social media automation tool that when things go wrong, or posts messes up, you're having technical problems, you can reach out to people, and I think Buffer without a doubt destroys Hootsuite on this front, and is absolutely superior on that level.

Overall what would we recommend? Well, we would recommend Buffer, and we think you should try it out too. We have used it in several portfolio companies, and we believe that even though there are some things that they should improve, and by the way, I would recommend for Buffer, to add to their product pipeline as a company, and on their path to becoming a unicorn, or billion dollar start-up, would be to integrate mail marketing. E-mail marketing, some sort of way to import a list within the dashboard of Buffer of your contacts, of your subscribers to your content, and then drag, and drop into a nice newsletter that can be distributed vis-à-vis Buffer.

Overall what should you pick? I would do Buffer.  If you want to learn a lot more about start-ups, and get the inside access, make sure to sign up for our course and reserve your spot.



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