The CISO Role: The Chief Information Security Officer and Why It Matters for Cybersecurity Protection


Definition of CISO:

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is a position within a medium to large company dedicated to procuring and protecting the underlying information technology to prevent cyber attacks. The CISO is also known as "Chief Information Officer" depending on the company.

Types of People who Serve as CISO:

Aggressive, Honest, and Driven People who can serve as first-in-command for protecting companies from cyber criminals.  

Skills and Education Recommended for CISO's:

Bachelors degree.

Graduate or Masters in Computer Science, Engineering or Software Computing.

Real world experience in coding and web development recommended. 


Speech and Transcript details on the CISO - Chief Information Security Officer Title, Role and Responsibilities

by the leading expert on cybersecurity and venture capital, Ross D. Blankenship


The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) role, responsibilities, salary, job description and what the CISO / CIO does for a company's cybersecurity and computer network security - both CISO's for software/hardware. Expert on cybersecurity & venture capital Ross Blankenship describes in his book "Cyber Nation" how important the role and job description of a CISO is for corporate America.

So, a CISO or a "Chief Information Security Officer," is dedicated, or should be dedicated, to making sure the network, both the software and hardware of their company, is protected all the time. It's a job that can often be sleepless, because you've got to protect the company. The CISO might be at a Fortune 500 company and they might be protecting thousands of employees who are vulnerable to attacks, you've got hardware that could be attacked, so it's an incredibly important role. But a CISO's responsibility primarily is making sure the network is set up, and it's set up safely, so it's protected against cybercriminals. What I argue, and I talk about this in Cyber Nation, is the new CISO of 2015, 2016, 2017, and beyond should have a heightened awareness of cyber attacks. What I mean by that, is not just know that they're there, of course they're there. But if you're in industries like the energy industry or you're on Wall Street, or any industry, large or small, you've got to know that your company's networks are not safe. And you have to invest as a CISO/CIO you've got to invest at least 5-10% at the bare minimum, right, in information security.

Another term for a CIO is called a CISO, Chief Information Security Officer, but more or less, most companies have one position for that same title. I have really recommended in our book Cyber Nation, a heightened awareness of cyber attacks and a CIO's got to spend the money, and has to advocate it. A lot of companies don't realize that they need to invest in cyber security until they're sitting around a board room and explaining an attack, right, so don't let that happen. As a CIO your responsibility is to defend and protect your company's networks all the time, even if that means being castigated or being told, "well I don't know if that's a big deal." Show people that it can happen to your company. And the CEOs and the COOs, a lot of C's here, will realize the damaging affects of a cyber attack.


How Can You Become A CISO - Chief Information Security Officer at Companies & Top Startups?


Learn how to become a CISO - Chief Information Security Officer Today.

Learn how to become a CISO - Chief Information Security Officer Today.

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