How To Donate To Cornell As An Alumni

Ross Blankenship, founder of Angel Kings, a top venture capital firm, as well as a Cornell alumnus and a proud investor in many top Cornell startups. I would like to tell you just a bit about how you can give back in a different way, not your traditional way of donating. That's to actually invest in some of these hot, fast-growing startups that are coming out of Ithaca, our Ithaca campus, as well as the New York tech-based campus. Cornell has a thriving ecosystem of top startups and future billionaire investors.


Here are the three ways. Number one is to become a Cornell mentor for top startups and emerging dorm room founders and companies that are coming out of Cornell, right? The good news is that with our connections we're also in touch with many of these hungry founders and hackers, hustlers that are trying to make a difference. We can pair you up and create a mentor relationship between you and them that could eventually evolve into a board of director's seat. I mean, we've seen that with some of the investors in our funds that are Cornell-specific that through their mentor relationship, and by helping as advisors and mentors, they've then established a repertoire that's evolved into an actual board seat, so that's pretty cool.

The second is to be able for you to be able to speak at Cornell events, campus events, on both the undergraduate campus as well as the connected business school, or the Johnson School, which is obviously right there as well. Now, how can you do that? The good news is we keep you apprised, once you're a member of Angel Kings, once you've invested in one of our Cornell-specific VC funds, we'll keep you apprised. We'll keep you in the loop, so that if you want to create your own thought leadership, you want to reconnect with the campus, we'll do that for you and we'll help coordinate that for your benefit.

The third thing is to invest, right? Through literally, Cornell-specific funds. These are only for Cornell alums. They're exclusively founded by Cornell entrepreneurs. Now, Cornell is not specifically endorsing this or affiliating with this in any means, but I will tell you this. As an alum, as a Cornellian, you could have a direct impact in building the next generation of Cornell startups through these investments. They're custom-built just for Cornell.

I would recommend doing this today.  Go to That's, and make sure you reserve your spot. These are Cornell-specific. You not only can give back to the community, but you could benefit when the company that you've invested in does well, so make sure you check that out. 

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