Angel Kings' Cybersecurity Accelerator

We are solving moonshot problems in cybersecurity with the best startups in the world.


Who: Angel Kings' Cybersecurity Investment Fund is selecting 3 top cybersecurity startups to join our cybersecurity accelerator. This accelerator is located in the heart of Washington DC - the center of cybersecurity tech, policy and innovation.


We (You) are solving 5 moonshot problems in cybersecurity with motifs such as:

  1. Hack-Free Drone (Impacting all drone and spatial defense companies).
  2. Hack-Free Credit Cards (Impacting banks and commercial lenders such as Capital One, Citi, BoA, Wells Fargo).
  3. Hack-Free Car Operating Systems (Impacting companies like Ford, Tesla, GM).
  4. Hack-Free Home Internet of Things (IoT) - (Impacting companies like Honeywell, Apple and Google).
  5. Hack-Free Surgical Robotics (Impacting major healthcare systems and humanity).


Criteria of Cybersecurity Startups:

  • Early-Stage Startups (Pre-Funding or Seed Rounds).
  • 50% Of founding team with a technical background (engineering, computer science).
  • Working product - hardware or software to demo.
  • Interview & Background check.
  • Solving one of the 5-Moonshot problems listed above.
  • *Due to the sensitivity, location and nature of our cybersecurity accelerator, each applicant will be required to have a background check.


What:  You will receive mentorship, guidance, and potential investment from a team of experience cybersecurity professionals.  

In addition, you'll receive the following:

  • Office space (up to 2 team members)
  • Video studio (green screen, demo videos)
  • Free High Speed Wi-Fi 
  • iMac 5k Retina Computer Use
  • Desk and Workspace 


Location of the Cybersecurity Accelerator:

(within walking distance of 3 metro lines)


When:  If you're accepted to the accelerator, you'll be able to use the cybersecurity accelerator for 3 months.  


About the Angel Kings Cybersecurity Accelerator - We have been part of early stage investments in companies such as Authy (Acquired by Twilio) and Checkr (API of Uber and Instacart), and Palantir Technologies. These logos only reflect some of our background and don't imply a direct endorsement.  

Cybersecurity Research Labs

More advanced startups and cybersecurity companies can apply to join our Cybersecurity Research Labs.  If you are still trying to solve one of the moonshot problems in cybersecurity, complete the form below.  

There is a per desk leasing fee of $825 or $1300 per team use. 



We are working with 2 tier-one defense companies from the Washington DC and Virginia area.  

We're have 2 more sponsorships remaining from the defense industry and/or companies who want to be part of solving these 5 primary problems.   

Angel Kings also offers investments in top cybersecurity companies. If you are an accredited investor or you would like to have your company sponsor the cybersecurity accelerator, get in touch with our team, (202) 780-1010.


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