Register Your Startup's Domain Name

How To Choose A Domain Name That Attracts Customers For Your Startup

Why does a startup's domain name matter?

Why does a startup's domain name matter?

Why is Your Domain Name Important?

I'm an investor in several start-ups, and one of the biggest questions I get is, "Ross, tell me how to pick a domain name," and "What are the best sites to pick a domain name?" Because there are many out there. If you're out there and you're thinking, "I've got a great idea, but I need a domain name." I'm not talking about the funny commercials that you see on GoDaddy or whatever. I'm talking about sites that actually you can input a word or keyword and come out with a .com, or .co, or .io, whatever extension that's available. Where do you find the domain name, and how can you tell which are available? 

Frankly, hundreds and millions of domains are just parked and it's kind of frustrating. I've started successful companies and I know that domain name pursuit only to search for a simple keyword and find out it's taken. Domains sort of came about in the early 90s, mid-90s, and really proliferated throughout the 90s and through the 2000s till today. Some of the best domain names are already taken. Particularly for the 4-letter, the 5-letter domain names. It can be frustrating and I understand your frustration.

Domainr is a great site, and it's our number 1 best site to pick your domain name.

If you have a great idea but need a domain name, here are the top 5 sites that will help guide you through the process because there's still, believe it or not, great domain names out there. There's top level domains, TLDs, that you'll find on these 5 sites. The best site by far, where we've bought hundreds of domains, is called Domainr, D-O-M-A-I-N-R. At Domainr also owns iwantmydomain or iwantmyname. Domainr is a great site. It's our number 1 best site to pick your domain name. Check it out.


The second and I just discovered this too, so I want to familiarize myself a lot more with it to be frank with you, but it's called Agile Domain Search and it's pretty cool. If you've got an idea, type in one keyword, and it gives you every single combination of that keyword, alongside hundreds of thousands of other options

There are a few others out here so you can check these out. There's not enough time out there, and if you only have a few minutes everyday to pick a domain name, then go reserve it at Domainr. We get absolutely nothing for referring it, but I have to say they're phenomenal and you should absolutely check them out. I hope that helps you. There's much much more in this course. We look forward to helping you as a start-up and an investor. If you want to learn and get the inside access to both start-ups and start-up investing, make sure to sign up for our course today.

How do you know if you've picked a domain name that will get you the most customers?

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