Estimize for Investors

How is Estimize Providing Investors Helpful Information About Stocks

What is Estimize?

What is Estimize?

What is Estimize?

Estimize is a crowdsourced platform to see what other intelligent analysts think about stocks and potential catalysts. What do they estimate will happen to a stock once earnings are released? Earnings being the primary catalyst for most of the driving Q1 to 3 for a year. Estimize is a website where you can find out information about stocks and what analysts are predicting will happen to stock once earnings are released.

 First off, it's a positive, great idea in the sense that crowdsourced investing intelligence can work. As all the products that I recommend at Angel Kings, I have used the product. I have actually registered on the website, and I've used it frequently. I can tell you that I've noticed quite a bit of trends in the sense that you can follow a top analyst and get some good investing ideas for upcoming catalysts like earnings.

 Secondly, it's a platform that gives not just general ideas, but allows you to connect with some of the best investors and analysts out there.

What are some of the positives about Estimize?

What are the pros and cons with Estimize?

What are the pros and cons with Estimize?

Estimize provides updated calendars and really excellent charts to keep investors apprised. These are particularly helpful as brokerage firms, oftentimes you just log in, place a trade, and log out, but Estimize you can become a member of the community and get some very helpful calender reminders of when upcoming catalysts are taking place.

 Those are the pros. What about the cons? What are things that they could improve to become a better place for investors to use their resources? First, is there's not enough data, and what we mean by data is there's not enough historical data on some of these stocks to get a sense of whether the catalysts are or whether the movements and earnings are expected movements, up or down, implied or not, are relevant. In other words, are there other external factors, such as macro-policy in the United States or abroad that are affecting certain movements and stocks? Okay, it's clear that earnings can affect the movement of the stock, but what else is there out there? I think by extension some of the data out and historically and really emphasizing things that have taken place, you might also get more information. A good site that does provide charting tools is called Trading View, but I think Estimize could improve the amount of data it has on its platform and the historical data at that.

Estimize is both a crowdsourced investing tool and a marketplace to connect with other investors and learn from leading analysts about what catalysts will do to a stock.

 Also, profiles and users are inconsistent, and they don't use the platform frequently. It's always great. Estimize in one way is a crowdsourced investing tool, but in another way, one can look at it as a marketplace to connect with other people and to follow leading analysts and their opinions about what catalysts will do to a stock. I've noticed in the site that there's not enough consistency for the user, so they need to build in ... Estimize, their product team needs to build in a better viral loop to encourage people to use the site and validate them in doing so.

 What does Estimize need to improve in summary? Again, bringing more data from outside sources, using API, bring in research and CapIQ and other valuable resources. Then secondly, you've got to encourage a viral loop beyond transaction email. I get emails from Estimize quite frequently with upcoming earnings of companies that I follow on Estimize but I think they need to figure out a way to engage users on a more regular basis and incentivize someone like myself to log back in. That's what we have seen in terms of Estimize.

How is Estimize helping investors make more informed decisions about stocks?