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Georgetown Alumni Annual Fund

How to Be Part of Georgetown's Giving Fund - Investing in Georgetown Startups

We're big supporters of the Hoyas' Startup community at Georgetown University, one of the best in the world. Instead of just donating and writing a check to the annual alumni Georgetown Fund, I want you to think a little differently about donating and writing a different kind of check. That's by investing in Hoyas' backed, top startup companies, many of which are emerging from the campus today.

 The first thing we can help you with at Angel Kings is to provide you the opportunity to become a Hoyas' mentor for top startups and emerging dorm room founders. These are companies directly from the Georgetown University campus.

 McDonough School of Business: Top Startups Emerging

The second thing is to give you the chance to speak at Georgetown campus events. And at the McDonough School of Business.

Georgetown Alumni - Angel Network

Georgetown Alumni - Angel Network

If you are a alumni or somebody, who wants to support the Georgetown community, think about this: we have created the absolute best of the best, Hoyas' targeted, specific, VC funds, for only Hoyas' entrepreneurs, right. Georgetown is not affiliating or endorsing these funds, but as a alumnus, you can directly invest through us and, frankly, these are custom built for you, the Hoyas' alumni or you as a Hoyas' alumni. If you want to be part of that and invest in Hoyas' entrepreneurs.  To be part of the annual giving fund for Georgetown, simply get in touch with our investing team.

 By the way, we have a lot of demand for our Georgetown angel investor network and investors so it's important that you reserve your spot.

About the Georgetown University Angel Investors:

We invest in Georgetown specific startups and companies that have emerged out of Georgetown such as Sweetgreen, Nextel, LivingSocial, Geoff Tracy, Blackboard, Monumental Sports, and Luke's Lobster.

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