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Most Famous Georgetown Alumni

Who are some of the most famous Georgetown alumni?

Let me give you some insight into the most famous of all, the most notable startup and founders all time from Georgetown University based in Washington D.C.

 The top four on our list of most famous and most impactful are Thomas E. Leavey. That's Thomas E. Leavey, L-E-A-V-E-Y, who passed away in 1980 but before that had started a company known as Farmers Insurance Group, a multi-national corporation with now more than 22,000 employees and a multi-billion dollar market cap. So Thomas E. Leavey attended Georgetown University School of Law where he received his bachelor's degree, which back in 1923 was what it was called when you went to the Georgetown University School of Law. He then relocated to Los Angeles where he started Farmers Insurance Group with John Tyler. Just to distinguish that he received a bachelor's degree but a pretty amazing guy and a thought leader in the insurance space.

Georgetown Law School produces many notable alumni:

Second on our list is somebody who you may have heard about through his company Kroll, K-R-O-L-L, Kroll Inc. which in 2004 sold to Marsh & McLennan for 1.9 billion dollars. But Kroll was a ratings agency, a risk assessor and sort of all things risk assessment as well as a due diligence firm that gave companies better insight as they did investigations. He went undergraduate to Cornell University and then he got his law degree at Georgetown University Law Center. You're seeing a pattern probably that these gentlemen attended Georgetown University Law in some capacity.

Graduates of Georgetown University - Notable Hoyas

Graduates of Georgetown University - Notable Hoyas

Connections with AOL Founders: 

Next on our list, Jim Kimsey is the founder-CEO and the first Chairman of the internet service provider known as AOL, or America Online. You received a CD back in the '90s, you know what AOL is, touting their service. America Online grew to become one of the largest internet service providers of all time actually and still, believe it or not, has many people, dial-up modem fans, who are still using it. I can assure I'm not. But this guy, Jim Kimsey, started AOL and essentially, even though Steve Case is the name behind America Online, Kimsey was the first CEO of America Online, which many people don't know about. He's a very philanthropic gentleman. He only attended, by the way, Georgetown University for one term on a scholarship then went off to the Military Academy at West Point. So that's Jim Kimsey.

Georgetown Venture Capitalists, Founders & Angel Investors: 

Last on our list of famous Georgetown alums is Chris Sacca. He also went to Georgetown University Law Center and was studying, of all things, tax law and became a scholar there. Joined Google and through his ventures at Google as a head of special initiatives he became connected with the startup space and founded the venture capital firm known as Lowercase Capital that's invested in Twitter, Instagram, Kickstart and Uber. He's also on the show Shark Tank, a show helping startups and entrepreneurs take their business plans to launch.

So those are the top four most famous and the top founders of all-time from Georgetown University.  

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