How To Donate To Harvard As An Alumni

If you're a Harvard Alum, I want to give you three ways in which you can, not only donates but give back directly. That's by investing in Harvard's next great startups, many of which you've heard of. From Microsoft, Facebook, to Bloomberg, the titans of the industry are from our graduates of Harvard University. You too, as an Alum, can get specific exclusive access in invest in Harvard's next great startups.


Here are the three ways you can. First, become a Harvard mentor for startups, emerging dorm room founders, companies of Harvard. We've connected with thousands of both former and current students from Harvard. We know the exact companies that are growing rapidly. We encourage any of our investors at Angel Kings to become a direct mentor. That's one of the abilities, we have capabilities, needs to be Angel Kings.

The second thing that you can do is to speak at Harvard events on both the undergraduate campus, as well as the Harvard Business Schools Rock Center for Entrepreneurship. That's something that we're able to do because we're connected to Harvard University startups. We know the events and we'll keep you in the loop as an investor, as to which events are important and how to get you involved as an Alum.

The third thing is to invest in Harvard-targeted specific funds. The support Harvard only exclusively founded startups and entrepreneurs. Harvard isn't directly endorsing this or is not a direct affiliate, just to be clear. However, as a Harvard Alum, you can have a direct impact in building the next generation of Harvard startups. Become part of these new titans. The Bloombergs, the Zuckerbergs, and the Gates of the world. We can connect you with those. Our funds are custom built for Harvard Alum. They're only exclusive to Harvard Alum. If you want to be part of that, you want to get direct access to Harvard's top startups, join us today at AngelKings.com/invest. 

If you're a Harvard Alum, learn more about how to give back. Visit AngelKings.com/invest today!

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