Harvard's Most Famous Alumni, CEOs and Graduates

I've worked with many Harvard entrepreneurs and alumni, and I can tell you that they're some of the best, brightest, most intellectually challenging individuals out there who literally have changed the face of both enterprise business and academia worldwide.

I want to tell you three of the best and the most famous Harvard alum in terms of business, who are the top three startup founders of all time, from Harvard's prestigious campus, Harvard University.

Number 1 on our list is probably no surprise, that's Bill Gates. Bill Gates, who founded Microsoft in late 70s, early 80s, built up a software empire and is the reason why you can actually, for the most part, use any computer today. His software, MS-DOS, as well as the accompanying hardware that evolved out of the 80s and 90s has come to define the greater computer era and all the technology infrastructure the 80s and 90s and accelerated growth therein.


So, Bill Gates, who's now estimated approximately be worth about 85 billion dollars, as of this video, continues to do great things in industry and has taken the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to new heights in helping cure things such as malaria and really prevented much of the crises that happened with lack of access to water in sub-Saharan Africa and many countries around the world. They've done a great job through their foundation. He's absolutely the number 1 most famous Harvard alum and the top founder and starter from Harvard University.

The second on our list is Mark Zuckerberg. And I know you know Facebook. Facebook has single-handedly, whether you've got a positive or negative perspective on Facebook, has single-handedly taken over and changed the way we communicate worldwide. With billions of users and a framework of social media that has never been created but for Mark Zuckerberg. And Mark Zuckerberg is a Harvard alum and also is a Harvard dropout who decided (you see the pattern of the first two here) but is now worth about 30 to 40 billion dollars and is on his way to probably being worth more than even Bill Gates, has had a tremendous impact. After graduating from Phillips Exeter Academy, he went to Harvard and although he didn't graduate, he is considered an alum because he attended Harvard, and that's how the alumni status works, but he did attend Harvard and is one of the top 3.

The third on our list is Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York City. He's the current head of Bloomberg, Inc. which is started in the late 70s, early 80s as well, what are known as the Bloomberg Terminals. Bloomberg is the quantitative and the analytical software underpinning all of Wall Street. Any kind of trader, anybody who's on Wall Street knows Bloomberg and has significantly impacted the way financial markets work, vis-a-vis consumer and enterprise data and connecting all those.

So that's Michael Bloomberg, now the former mayor of New York City and a potential presidential candidate. He is the top 3 and one of our top 3 famous Harvard alumni. We love working with Harvard alums. In fact, we've single-handedly set up the first Harvard-specific venture capital funds which you can access as an alum. 

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