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Who we are?

Angel Kings is the top-ranked #1 angel investing and venture capital group for the fourth straight year (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016... to be continued) 


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Our investing group includes...

Hundreds of top-ranked angel investors and venture capitalists in 33+ industries.


*Be part and join our successful investments.

Examples of our greatest successes:

Biotechnology, IoT (internet of things), Cybersecurity, E-Commerce, Retail and Mobile App Platforms.





Venture Capital & Angel Investing


An Angel Investor is an affluent person providing capital for startups or entrepreneurs to grow, in return for equity. Most angel investors have been entrepreneurs themselves and want to get in on the action. There was more than $24.8 billion worth of angel investments last year, don't miss out again.

If you are an angel investor and want to join our group, apply today.

 founders & small business Funding with JOBS ACT


Each day we get hundreds of applications from startups looking for investments.  We only invest in a select group of startups each year as we employ a proprietary method for evaluating the best startups to invest in - primarily focused on American startups with high growth potential.

These startups are raising funds to become the next Facebook, Microsoft or Google... is your startup next?


High-Net Worth accredited Investors


The definition of an accredited investor: either has over $1 million in net worth or earned over $200,000 for the past two years and expects the same this year $300,000 if joint with spouse.  Must have access to capital and be able to make investments up to 50k or more.

You must be a high-net worth accredited investor, qualified purchaser or institutional investor, to invest through Angel Kings' VC Firm and Fund.


99% of Startups Fail.

We've found the top 1% of Startups in America.

The Pre-IPOs and winners...                                              

Invest in startups with our all-star VC funds.

Angel Kings is a venture capital & angel investing fund and platform for technology investing in cybersecurity, biotech, software startups - for accredited investors established by the JOBS Act.  We target venture capital investments in high-growth, pre-IPO startup companies.

As angel investors with a passion for successful startups, we know what the hottest startups are in different sectors. A combination of the top ten startups that are predicted to succeed is strategically created for each of the following markets: cybersecurity, biotechnology, fintech, enterprise and software.

Click here to view some software and hardware startups that Angel Kings have ranked as the most promising startups to invest today.

Newest Updates from Our Venture Capital & Private Equity Funds:


We've created one venture capital fund that blends the best of private equity investments in these industries; the venture capital is dedicated to Pre-IPO startup companies about to go Public.

  • Cybersecurity - Hardware and Software

  • Biotechnology - Cloud, DNA and Genomics

  • Internet of Things - Software and Security

  • Financial tech ("Fintech") - Banking and Financial Institutions

  • College & Dorm Room Founders from Top Colleges


Learn how to invest in these startups and venture capital funds by completing our contact form and getting in touch with our VC experts and private equity leaders, to begin investing private capital in early, mid, and late-stage startups.  

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Get the #1 Best-Selling Book on Venture Capital and Angel Investing in Startups.



Learn more about venture capital and angel investing from the expert on how to invest in startups, Ross D. Blankenship.

Kings Over Aces provides tips, guidelines and startup rankings for the potential VC investor and angel investors who wants to learn how to get started in venture capital and angel investing.

Cyber Nation discusses the importance of the growing cybersecurity industry due to the cyber attacks toward health insurance companies, media companies and even the U.S. government.  The book also includes rankings of the hottest cybersecurity startups that have since emerged due to people's increasing need for cyber defense.



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