How Angel Kings Works

Step-by-Step Guide for Our Venture Capital Investors & Members.

Angel Kings selects up to 100 of the top investors in America ranging from executives in venture capital, private equity, investment banking to CISOs and CTOs of Fortune 500 companies.

The following guide and overview provides insight into how our founding member can expect to profit from investing in one of our targeted venture capital funds and angel investments.

  • We provide a level of transparency and insight that beats all other angel investing and venture capital groups in the United States.  
  • We are proud to continue our record of successful venture capital investing through 2018 and beyond.
  • We are confident going into 2018 and beyond that Angel Kings will continue to be one of the most successful angel investing groups in the world, hands down.  
  • Now's the time to be part of the future of technology investing.  
At all times, you should read and be aware of the terms and conditions before investing.  Startup investing is highly risky and could result in the loss of part or all of your total investment(s).  We do our best, but make no guarantees that past performance will dictate future results.

We look forward to having you, the investor, join us as we find and invest in the next billion-dollar startups.

Investor Checklist:

When you invest with Angel Kings, you can become an official founding member of our group.

This group is dedicated to scouting, selecting, and then investing in the next Billion-Dollar startups.

All new Angel Kings members/investors receive a collection of information related to their investment.

These are required documents to ensure the confidentiality and success of our exclusive group.

investor documents include the following:

  1. Background Checks for all new investors.
  2. Non-Disclosure Agreement.
  3. Fund Documentation (examples: Pre-IPO Fund I, Blockchain, Biotech or Genomics Fund).
  4. Payment Remittance Document (Wires Only Accepted).
  5. Calendar and Schedule for all new investors (Send email with best days/times for conference).

Upon acceptance into the Angel Kings Group, you must sign, submit all documents, and remit your investment within three (3) business days to ensure your spot is guaranteed.  

After which, we cannot guarantee your spot will be held as our group is currently limited to 75 investors and members.  

This strict limit is in place to ensure the quality and consistency in our VC fund's investors.



Angel King's Fund Operational Structure

Angel Kings aims to invest in only one targeted fund during a two-year period.

The venture capital we deploy is based on the fiscal quarterly year:

January, February and March (Q1); April, May and June (Q2); July, August and September (Q3); and October, November and December (Q4).

A quarter is often shown with its relevant year, as in Q1 2017 or Q1/17, which represents the first quarter of the year 2017.

We try to invest in up to six of the best startup companies per year.  These companies must fit our strict criteria for investment.

Current examples include: Pre-IPO Fund I of 2016, 2017, 2018.
Future examples include: E-CommerceBlockchainBiotech and/or Genomics Q3/2018 until Q4/20.

The minimum investment in our fund is $50,000 (voted in Q2 2017) to remain in effect until Q4 2020.

The operational structure of our venture capital fund is as follows:

 VC Fund Structure.

VC Fund Structure.


Our venture capital group's incentives are aligned with our investors.  As you can see, our carried interest based on Fund profits are connected directly with the Fund's performance. 

We want to beat the market and provide returns that exceed what anyone could expect from investing in ETFs, mutual funds, bonds, are traditional investing platforms.  Our goal is to far surpass all investment vehicles and to provide for returns that, although not guaranteed, can exceed the market returns.

Our members also agree to the terms and conditions set forth in our original structure.  


 Corporate Governance Model of our VC Firm.

Corporate Governance Model of our VC Firm.

Other Facts About Angel Kings' Membership:

Democratized voting structure.

Every Founding Member (First 100) is treated equally.  Unlike stock brokerages or large venture capital firms where you're treated differently based on how much you invest, Angel Kings is the first venture capital group to allow a 1:1 voting structure where our founding investors decide on each year's investing theme.

For example, in 2016 and 2017, we are focused on Pre-IPO Startups with proven metrics and revenue.  Some example of investments in the past two years include InDinero (Finance SaaS Model) and Maxwell Health (HR and Benefits Platform).  We expect both of these to go public through an IPO (initial public offering), which is why our angel group decided to invest in these types of companies.

If there are 100 members, investor number 3 is equal to investor number 100.  When we call our yearly vote - typically in Q2 of the Fiscal Calendar - all investors are allowed to vote on the Fund's theme.

Harnessing the power of collective wisdom, our Fund's investors come from all backgrounds and investing experiences.  Thus, through our voting model, when 51% of members decide on a theme, we go with it.  We're all-in and believe in the brilliance of our people.


In many cases, we're unable to call an official vote and must make a decision to invest in a startup's round.  This means our primary GP (General Partner) must decide where and how much to invest in any given startup.  In fact, this happens most of the time due to the speed of startup investing.


24/7 Access.

Every investor gets direct access to our core team.   Ross Blankenship is one of the leading angel investors and venture capitalists.  

You will be able to schedule an appointment (up to 1x per month) to speak with our Founder.

Alongside our CEO, you might be able to meet with other Angel Kings investors throughout the year. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet and great with some all-stars in the venture capital industry. 


No Annual Fees.

That's right.  Once you've invested there's a one-time fee, but then we only require that you invest at least one more time within 2 years in order to maintain your membership.  

There are zero hidden fees, and never will be.  


Unparalleled Access to Top Startups.

With some of the leading investors and angels in America, we have a collective network ranging from biotech CEOs, IT wizards, to business moguls in areas such as private equity and investment banking.  Many of our members have helped take companies public through IPOs, and often we ask our members to serve on the Board of Directors for startups in which we invest.  


You're with the Best.

From day one until the Fund exits, you'll be working with the Top 1% of investors in America.

Join the winning team.