How Angel Kings Works

We Help You Find Web and Mobile Designers, Software Developers and Software Builders for Your Startup.

[The information contained herein is for educational purposes only. We are not seeking your investment and this is not a solicitation for investment.]


Angel Kings only hires the top 1% of web designers, developers, and software engineers to build for startups.

The following guide will give you insight into how Angel Kings’s works and what we can do to help your startup reach the next level.

Steps to hiring Angel Kings for your startup’s website, mobile app, or Software development:

  1. Call Angel Kings to request a Free 15-minute, no-fee appointment: (800) 979-0975

  2. Work with a project manager who will outline the Angel Kings process and how we can help you build your websites, mobile applications (iOS and Android).

  3. The team is formed with a dedicated front-end designer and back-end developer to help create for you.

  4. Our website designers and developers team have been as big as 30+ people on one team, but average around 4 people per team.

  5. Our goal is to brainstorm, design and build a fully-complete site for you within 90 days or less. Many of our Minimum Viable Products are built in 30 days or less.

  6. As a client of Angel Kings, you will have weekly check-ins, project manager’s personal contact information, and a dedicated account representative who will make sure everything is being built on time and of the highest quality.


At all times, your account will be handled by a 24/7 support team that is designed to ensure quality assurance and to prioritize your website, app, or software being built on-time.

We look forward to having you, the startup, as part of our successful portfolio of startup companies we have designed, built, and launched.

Startup Checklist:

Before beginning work with Angel Kings, there is a simple checklist to have ready.

Startup Information to include in our Initial conversation:

  1. Any designs, prototypes, apps, URLs, or domains to review.

  2. A budget and timeline for your project.

  3. All necessary stake holders (Partners, CEO, CFO, CTO, all leadership) should be present.

  4. An ability to reserve your spot in our startup website design program within 48 hours of the call. (Note: we only can guarantee a spot for you if payment is received by 48 hours of the initial phone conversation).

  5. Open calendar to schedule a weekly developer and designer call to review what we have built for you and to demo how it will work for your startup.

Upon acceptance into the Angel Kings Design and Development Program,

you will have only 48 hours to complete first deposit and payment for your project.

Searching for website design, web development or software builds for your startup? Good news: Angel Kings is here to help you.

Searching for website design, web development or software builds for your startup? Good news: Angel Kings is here to help you.

Angel Kings’ Website and App Development for Startups:

Our Software Engineering Process Explained.

  • You will be assigned at least 1-dedicated project manager for your startup’s project.

  • Your project manager is your go-to: handling the new branding, design review, and development review process for you.

  • You will also have at least three additional members on your team: UI/UX expert, front-end designer, and a back-end engineer.

  • There will be monthly payments, due on the 1st of every month that covers the hours and project itself. These must be received within 5 days of their due dates for deliverables to be released.

Founder-Friendly Fee Structure and How it Works

Our web design and development agreements are typically a mixture of cash and equity. This means that if the proposal to build your startup is $500,000, that we would require $350,000 be paid out by the following: a 10% deposit, equal monthly installments over 24 months, and that $150,000 would be granted in vested equity stock. Our web development agreement is a much better agreement for startups because it saves the startup 30% on the total contract price, requires less money up-front than typical web development, and aligns incentives with the Angel Kings team so that we want your startup to succeed so that the equity is worth a substantial amount one day, soon.

If you have a startup with massive potential and upside, be sure to contact us and tell us more about what you are building…

Website Design, Development, and Software Build for Startups: Angel Kings.

Website Design, Development, and Software Build for Startups: Angel Kings.

We do have a minimum sign-up deposit as we only work with startups that we believe could become America’s next top startup. If a startup is completely bootstrapped, we will analyze the startup and determine whether or not it’s a fit for funding.

Angel Kings’ standards for web development and web design for startups are the highest. We have top 1% designers and developers who have helped startups generate millions of downloads, followers, and new customers.

In some circumstances, we will trade up-front cost of a deposit for a monthly fee agreement plus equity in your startup. This means the website design and development would forego our minimum $25,000 to $50,000 deposit, and then add 7% to 12% equity in your startup. The equity would replace the maintenance fees, monthly charges, and reduce the hourly web developer fee from $195 to $70.

Other Facts About Angel Kings Team:

Top 1% of Designers, Developers and Software Engineers.

  • Every startup we work with is treated as our top priority.

  • We screen, hire and train, the top 1% of web designers, developers, and software engineers.

  • You only work with the best from day one, until the launch and success of your project.

Important for Startups Searching for web design or developers:

In many cases, you will come across outsourced teams and platforms where you can hire freelancers and part-time work. Our advice: be careful. You get what you pay for, and you should never sacrifice quality on your journey to building the best startup possible.

If your dream, and vision, is to create a startup that becomes massively successful (and profitable), then working with Angel Kings - a dedicated firm that works to build and launch startups’ websites, mobile apps (iOS and Android) and software programs - makes 100% sense.

Don’t accept anything less than the best.

Only work with the best designers and developers for your startup: that’s Angel Kings.

Front-End and Back-End Software Developers for Startups.

Every startup gets access to our front-end and back end developers.

Here’s just a sample of the type of experience that both sides (front and back) have for your startup:

Programming and code languages (our skills):

JavaScript, HTML5/CSS3, SQL, Java, Bash/Shell, Python, C#, PHP, C++, Swift, Assembly, Go, Objective-C, Advanced PHP, Ruby on Rails, Advanced Python, and many more.

Our skills with specific frameworks and coding languages:

Node.js, Angular, React, .NET, Spring, SpringBoot, Django, Cordova, TensorFlow, Xamarin and more.

Our skills with custom e-commerce platforms:

Amazon E-Commerce, BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, Shopping Cart solutions, Wordpress, WooCommerce, and more.

Dedicated Website/App Project Managers for Startups.

Every startup works with a dedicated project manager, someone with years of experience designing and building every type of website, mobile app, or software platform that you can imagine.

You will get the personal cell phone and contact from every project manager.

Your startup deserves the best.


We work with the best startups in the World.

Along with working with our startup website and development team, you will also have the opportunity to network with other top startups that we have built.

Another major advantage of working with Angel Kings vs. other website design and development firms, is that we have created some of the most successful websites and mobile applications on the Planet.


You are with the best.

From day one until the moment you project is launched, we will dedicate our entire focus toward you, thus ensuring you have the right support to launch with success.

Are you ready to take your startup to the next level?

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