How to Become an Angel Kings Investor.

To begin investing in America's hottest biotechnology, life sciences, and medical companies, you must first apply to become an angel investor. Only accredited investors will gain access to the hottest investment funds before they go public as an IPO.

The majority of our venture capital is allocated to biotechnology, but we also have an exclusive fund for cybersecurity.  Our cybersecurity fund is also geared towards protecting patients' data, medical facilities, and hospitals from cyber-attacks.  

You'll have the chance to be the leader of a smart decision today, instead of becoming a follower of one later.


How do we find the top startups?

Many angel investors have favorite sectors, and some sectors lend themselves to angel investing. Software or Internet services require less capital than manufacturing startups, for example, which means large venture capitalists aren't always required for seed and series rounds. Single founders or co–founders are also more likely to approach angel investors, and many of those individuals are currently working in tech–based fields. Given those observations–and the current global market—it's not surprising that our number one priority for our 2017 to 2025 funds are focused on:

  • Biotechnology: Drug Discovery, Immunotherapy, and Health/Life Sciences Platforms Affecting Millions of Patients Worldwide.

  • Healthcare: Cybersecurity for Patients, Physicians, and Medical Facilities.


Protecting Hospitals, Patients, and Physicians from Cyber-attacks.

Become angel investor - Top cyber security startups and companies, with a ranking of the best cybersecurity startups fighting cyber attacks and cyber criminals through hardware/software technology.  As an angel investor, Ross Blankenship expert on cybersecurity startups and companies, describes which companies are the hottest to watch for this year and beyond.

Our cybersecurity venture capital fund is geared towards protecting medical facilities, patient data, and hospitals from cyber-attacks. 

As of early 2015, lists 127 cybersecurity startups with an average valuation of $4.7 million. Such startups are attractive to investors for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is a general high potential for IPO and acquisition events for any small company in the industry.  Cybersecurity startups make good investments is that the best companies tend to scale up quickly. Tech firms in general are experts at building on existing technology; they rarely start from scratch, letting then bring viable products to market in short time spans. Because those products tend to meet an urgent psychological and actual need for users, an apt marketing campaign or integration is often all it takes for good products to find sales success.


Learn more about cybersecurity with our book, Cyber Nation!  Find out more about the Angel Kings Official Cybersecurity Startup Rankings here!



Protecting Big Data within Hospitals, Medical Research Facilities, Universities, and Private Practices.  

Become an angel investor in big data startups | Review of Kaggle and, a data science startup focused on hosted data competitions and big data analytics, built by CEO Anthony Goldbloom/Ben Hamner. Expert on Venture capital and big data startups, Ross Blankenship ( analyzes why Kaggle could become the next big billion dollar startup in big data, healthcare and analytics.

Data is an interesting sector for investors because you don't have to stay within the business and software scope. A number of startups are bringing mobile–to–consumer applications into the data space, and with so many consumers seeking to organize and order their lives, these companies are seeing success. One interesting startup, which has garnered $8 million in funding since 2010, is Yummly. The startup piggybacks preference–based delivery ideas offered by products such as Netflix and Pandora, but applies those ideas to food. 

Data startups poised to thrive in upcoming years include MuSigma, Domo, Cloudera, Kaggle, Precog, and CrowdFlower.   Learn more about Kaggle in this video!



We invest in the future of medicine vis-a-vis Drug Discovery, Cancer Research, and Brain Medicine.  


Become an angel investor in biotech - An official review of top biotech companies in America for investors, Unum Therapeutics, Navitor, Intellia, Synlogic, Quartet, Voyager, Editas, Caribou Bio, Scholar Rock, and Tute Genomics ( Venture capital expert, Ross Blankenship ( explains which are the hottest biotech companies to look out for in areas such as genomics, Alzheimer's, immunotherapy, nanotechnology, and targeted cancer treatments with chemotherapy.

“Biotech”, or biotechnology, includes the field of all startups that are biology–based technology companies. Some types of companies in the field include pharmaceutical companies, R&D firms with a biological focus, and equipment and tech firms servicing research labs and scientists. The combined purpose of most of these companies is to develop knowledge, technology, and products that fight diseases or provide solutions for other global issues such as hunger or resource scarcity.

As with cybersecurity, biotech startups offer a good chance at IPO action. In 2013, the industry saw more IPOs overall than it had for the past 13 years. While the industry is more volatile overall than other options, no one will argue that biotech will continue to be relevant through 2020, and many biotech firms offer long–term investment opportunities that can balance out the portfolios of angel investors with a lot of hot–burning software investments.   Learn more about one of our favorite Biotech startups in this video!




According to SEC regulations you must meet one of the following three requirements to be classified as an accredited investor:


Do You Meet These SEC Requirements?


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