The Best Startup Pitches:

Top 3 Ways to Perfect Your Startup Pitch

How to Create the Best Startup Pitch & Slide Deck for Investors

How to Create the Best Startup Pitch & Slide Deck for Investors

How to Perfect and Practice Your Startup's Pitch to Investors:

First off, you need to know less is more. Be able to explain your startup in just one sentence and practice it with the closest friends and family.  These, by the way, should be friends and family who have always been the most skeptical of you, the ones who have always said, "Are you sure you want to do that?" These are the people you should go directly to and say, "Hey, listen, I want to practice my one sentence pitch on you and then I want you to ask me questions." Those are the type of people you want to help you practice your startup's pitch.

In our bestselling book on angel investing called, "Kings over Aces," we discuss why getting people that are critical of you and your startup ideas is so important. If you don't, if you get people that are yes men or no men, or yes women and no women, or rather people that always say yes, you're never going to know whether your product resonates or whether your vision for that makes sense.

Top Ways How to Pitch and Raise Money for Your Startup

Top Ways How to Pitch and Raise Money for Your Startup

How to Create Excellent Visuals & Graphics for Startup Slide Decks?

Okay. Now, what about visuals? Can you create something, a pitch deck of just 10 slides or less? Absolutely. The best pitch decks I've ever seen are from companies like Buffer, AirBNB and; those weren't necessarily 10 slides or less but they conveyed the message in a smaller amount of slides. How do you do that? What do you do? What do you include in those 10 slides? Frankly, you should include just the problem, who you are, the who, what, where, when, why, and how and all that good stuff. Your startup pitch should just focus on product and rather, the problem that you identify, and your solution for that problem. That's the core of what a slide deck is, visuals matter. Focus less on text and more about ... I mentioned this earlier, AirBNB's slide deck. Focus on the graphics and the visuals that relate to people. More often than not, a presentation is an opportunity for you to show visuals and depict where you are and where you're going with your great product and with the problem you've identified and problem you're trying to solve. That's two, visuals matter.

Your Startup's Mission is Critical for Investors: 

Number three, mission critical. There have been startups that we've helped and invested in in our company Angel Kings, where it felt like the mission was all over the place. They were sort of solving this sort of basic thing and wanted an app for whatever;  However, you have to, before you do anything, whether in life or in business, you have to have a mission, a mission that can dream big and that you can launch and that hopefully will have a product that people love. It has to be about a mission. Your startup's mission is critical and should be demonstrated on the first slide of your pitch deck.

If venture capitalists or Angel investors don't see your vision, you won't be able to raise money for your startup. Those are the three things: less is more, visuals matter, create less slides than more and last, great visuals. 


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