How To Donate To MIT As An Alumni

In terms of the ways to give back is to become an MIT mentor for top startup founders and emerging companies at MIT.  At Angel Kings, we can provide you with the direct connection to some of these awesome startups looking for mentorships. Many of these mentorships evolve into board memberships so that's a great opportunity for both sides. 


The second is to speak at MIT campus events, both on the undergraduate campus and at MIT's top rank Sloan School of Management. At Angel Kings, we'll keep you apprised of what's going on at MIT in terms of the tech startups, the events, the pitch contests that are taking place in the Engineering Department.

The third is to invest in MIT targeted specific funds.  MIT is not affiliated or endorsing these funds, however, as an MIT alum, I would say this is the biggest impact you can have.  It's investing in the MIT founders, the founders with passion in a dream to build great companies - people like William Hewlett who came out of MIT, Drew Houston of Dropbox.  Billion dollar innovators, who, if it weren't for MIT, would not have made the impact that they did.

If you're an MIT alum, find out how you can donate. Visit today!

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