How To Give Back To UPenn


If you want to give the back to UPenn, the best way is to invest in Wharton's top startup companies. How can you do that, and how can Angel Kings help you achieve that goal? At Angel Kings, we're able to help you become a UPenn mentor for top startups, emerging dorm room founders and companies at UPenn, both in the undergraduate as well as the graduate business students at Wharton. The second is that at Angel Kings, we can help you connect and even begin speaking at UPenn campus events and to create your own thought leadership within the community. That's something that we're able to help keep you apprised of. The third thing is to help you vis-a-vis Angel Kings to invest in UPenn targeted funds that support UPenn founded startups, and UPenn entrepreneurs.

 UPenn is not directly endorsing or affiliated with these funds; however, alumni just like you can have a huge impact. I mean, the biggest impact of all in helping build the next generation of UPenn startups in science and technology through investments like these. These are custom built for Wharton and UPenn alum for that matter. If you want to be part of the next big startups coming out of UPenn, simply go to AngelKings.com/invest. That's AngelKings.com/invest. My name is Ross Blankenship, I'm the founder of Angel Kings, an investor in many top companies coming out of UPenn. Good luck, and come join us.

Learn more about the how to give back to UPenn. Visit AngelKings.com/invest today!

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