How To Donate To Williams College as an Alumni

This is Ross Blankenship, founder of Angel Kings, a top venture capital firm, as well as a proud supporter of the Williams College startup community. I wanted to show you how at Angel Kings we provide you, the Williams College alum, the opportunity to invest and be part of the next generation of top startups coming out of Williams College students.


The first thing we can do is help you become a Williams mentor. A Williams mentor for startups, emerging dorm room founders and companies by connecting you directly with these young and hungry and ambitious entrepreneurs who need guidance from people just like you.

The second is, we give you the opportunity to speak at Williams College campus events. These are campus events that are targeted for competition, startup pitch competitions, you can become a judge, you can decide on investing in certain startups or not investing, that's up to you. However, these campus events are great for your company, you as an alum, to reconnect with the community.

 The third thing we offer, which no other VC firm can offer, is specific VC targeted funds for Williams College entrepreneurs. Williams College is not affiliating or endorsing these by any means, just to be clear, however alumni like you, Williams College alum just like you, can have a direct impact in building the next generation of science, technology startups through investments like these at Angel Kings. These are custom built for you, the Williams College alum, or maybe it's somebody you know, but this is a great opportunity if you want to give back to Williams College in a totally innovative way.

Make sure you go to AngelKings.com/invest. I'll repeat that so you can bookmark it on your browser, that AngelKings.com/invest. 

Learn more about how to give back to Williams College. Visit AngelKings.com/invest today!

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