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"The #1 Bestselling Course for Beginners How to Make Big Money Investing in Stocks, Bonds, and ETFs." 

by the World's Leading Investing Expert, 6x Bestselling Author and 33x Angel Investor:

Ross D. Blankenship

Expert on Investing :  Ross D. Blankenship

Expert on Investing:

Ross D. Blankenship

Become a Top 1% Stock Investor.  

Own Wall Street.  

Be Profitable, Now...Not Next Year.

You will learn investment basics for beginners, trading for professionals, and even get the inside scoop on new investing "robo" advisors like Acorns, Betterment, Robinhood and even traditional brokerages like Vanguard and E-Trade.

You will learn how to invest smarter and wiser, make more money every year, and get legal tips to execute better trades.

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Learn How to Start Invest in Robo-Advisors - Online Bootcamp
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Learn How to Invest for Beginners - Robo-Advising, Startups, and The Future of Money.

  1. Inside Basics on Investing in Stocks, Bonds, ETFs, Mutual Funds and New Robo Advisors like Acorns, Betterment, Robinhood, Motif Investing, Wealthfront, SigFig, LearnVest, Vanguard, Charles Schwab and more.
  2. What You Need to Know about the Trading Brokerages Vanguard ETFs, E-Trade, Scottrade, Fidelity, Charles Schwab, and TD Ameritrade.
  3. 128+ On-Demand Videos + Bonus Stocks to Pick.
  4. Exclusive Signed Copy of "Kings Over Aces" Bestselling Book on Investing with a 7-Point Investing Tip Sheet.
  5. 45+ Minute Session with Leading Expert on Investing, Ross Blankenship.
  6. Lifetime Access to On-Demand Videos.
  7. Exclusive Monthly Invitation to Meet Investors.
  8. Bonus: Learn about future IPOs and Startup Companies!


Find out why this course was ranked "the World's Best Way How to Become an Investor..." and has been featured in 12 publications and downloaded more than 7,788 times in 2 years.

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Learn everything you need to know about stocks, trading, and how to make serious money as a beginner investor... in 7 days or less. It works.
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Here are examples of stock we'll analyze - how they became successful companies and what inside secrets traders knew before buying them.











We're also offering a yearly membership with your purchase of our bootcamp course ($495) at Angel Kings where you'll get direct access to top founders and angel investors who have invested in companies worth a combined $200 Billion in Market Value.  


The following is a message from "one of the world's top angel investors and startup founders, Ross Blankenship."  See below...




Don't Miss Out on the Next Billion Dollar Startups and Must-Know IPOs! 


Now's your turn to be part of the next great startup.  Now you can too.


As a bonus with your Angel Kings' Billion Dollar Course signup, you'll also get these investor benefits:

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Learn the Best Investment Strategies Used By These Top Angel Investors!



*The images, names and people above are merely representative of who successful celebrity investors (angel and venture capitalists) are in America; they do not imply an endorsement, implicit or explicit, of any kind of our course, company or products listed throughout.  We're only including them to display case studies & investments we discuss throughout in this educational course.  Again, in no way do these individual photos (above or below) imply a direct, or indirect, endorsement.  Our course only uses case studies of their investments and strategies that have made them successful.  In some cases, we have however, co-invested alongside these investors.    


Learn from the world's leading expert on venture capital and entrepreneurship, and one of the most successful early investors and venture capitalists, Ross D. Blankenship, you'll get the inside secrets to startup investing.

"In just one month, you will learn how to become a master investor in some of the world's top startups and early-stage companies."

Expert Venture Capitalist, Ross Blankenship.


- Ross D. Blankenship, Successful Angel Investor & 6x Bestselling Author on Startups and Venture Capital

What Bonuses are Inside?

Mission Statement for Course:

To help entrepreneurs and founders build the next billion-dollar companies; to help investors profit by early investing in future IPOs and founders like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and J.K Rowling. This investing course, and our company, Angel Kings, will help you get to the next level. Whether you’ve got a business idea you want to pursue, or you’ve got the money to invest, we’ll guide you through every step of startups, until you’re ready to IPO. 

“The most comprehensive course for founders and investors, wanting to build great companies for future generations.”

About the Investing Course:

In this comprehensive 4-week boot camp, entrepreneurs and founders (like you) will learn how to create the next big-company – the next billion-dollar empire – while early-stage investors will get inside access to learn how to invest in the next big IPOs and future billion-dollar companies.

Official Startup Course Instructions:

In order to receive your official course certificate and letter of recommendation, you must complete the following weekly instructions. 

You can complete this course at your own pace, faster or slower, whichever you choose. 

  • For founders, you must complete these lessons to receive your certificate. 
  • For investors, we highly recommend you also complete these instructions, but you’re free to simply watch and learn from the videos.
  • All questions within these lessons are located in the Course Overview document.  


Week 1:  How to Find the Next Billion-Dollar Founders & Future Icons (People)

  1. Read Part 1 of our bestselling book, Kings Over Aces.  If you haven’t received your exclusive signed copy, let us know by emailing [email protected]
  2. Download the official course instructions (“syllabus”) and Billion-Dollar course overview here.  
  3. Review and take notes on Part 1 of videos. You should watch these videos over the course of 3 to 5 days and re-review at least two times to understand the fundamentals of startup investing.
  4. Visit our Startup Rankings site (, and choose your favorite startup.
  5. Based on the startup you’ve chosen, answer questions from the course syllabus on Part 1: People.
  6. Complete Part 1 Quiz.


Week 2: The “Product Hunt”: Which products become billion-dollar empires… and why? (Products)

  1. Read Part 2 of Kings Over Aces focusing on Top Startups. 
  2. Review videos and take notes on Part 2. Use examples from the startup company you’ve chosen. 
  3. Select a startup from the past that has failed (examples from the book) and explain why in 500 words or less you believe they weren’t able to succeed. What would you have done differently? Include in the quiz below.  

  4. Answer all questions from Part 2 of the course syllabus and complete the Quiz. 


Week 3: How to Build a Scalable Process & Startup Traction to Become a Billion-Dollar Company & The Startup Financials: How to Best Understand the Economics and Control of the Term Sheet Deal.

  1. Read the the remainder of Kings Over Aces.
  2. Download an official “Term Sheet” located at
  3. Scenario: complete the term sheet filling in all relevant information on a convertible note based on the startup you chose in Part 1/Week 1.  Upload this term sheet using the form below.  
  4. Complete the Quiz on Part 3 & 4 below.

Week 4: Bonus Section – Top Resources to Help Founders Build Profitable Startups & Our Investors Maximize Profits. 

  1. Re-review videos in Part 2 & 3. You should watch these at least two times and be able to demonstrate full knowledge when asked.
  2. Find the best pitch deck (online) you’ve ever seen… (it could be yours) and email us with reasons why you believe this company will succeed, what things stand out the most in the pitch deck, and what’s missing…if anything. 

***Once you’ve completed the course and submitted all quizzes for review, you’ll receive your certificate and letter of recommendation within 48 hours.***

Bonus added to Course:

You’ll also receive a 30-minute business plan review from Ross Blankenship that will be scheduled upon completion of the course.  


Our program was built for both startups and investors to profit:

Lucy Chow.jpg
Phil Coffman
"I learned a lot from this investing course such as how to understand a term sheet, and how to raise venture capital for my business!  Angel Kings' membership is worth so much to both investors and startup founders."
- Leslie A. (2x Founder, Software Company)


"After taking this course, I knew exactly what I had to look for and what questions to ask before making any startup investments.  Thanks, Ross and team!"
- Phillip (Angel Investor)
Claudio Guglieri
Marcos Moralez
"I've sold two companies, but frankly didn't understand the art of the deal until watching your startup lessons on investing and meeting with other angel investors.  Thank you for making it happen."
-  Mauricio A. (Business Owner & Angel Investor)
"All I can say is that this course was money well spent for me. I got a signed copy of his book, Kings Over Aces, hours of valuable advice from top investors, and now look forward to my career as a venture capitalist."
- Marcus (Recent MBA Graduate & VC Associate @ Top 5 Firm)

You Too Can Learn How To Be Part of the Next Billion Dollar Startups.


#1 Bestselling Course - "How to Find the Next Billion-Dollar Startup."

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  • Limited Edition, Signed Copy of "Kings Over Aces: How to Find and Invest in the Next Billion Dollar Startups and Future IPOs."
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  • 30-Minute Call with the "World's Leading Investing Expert" Ross Blankenship.


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This course on venture capital, private equity and startup investing, provides educational lessons and training to provide a foundation in better understanding the VC world, angel investing, the term sheet, investing principles, and how to invest in startup companies.  You'll receive a Masters' certificate and get access to invest in the top-ranked startup companies in the USA and internationally through our monthly conferences and special events.  We're excited to offer this course to the public and look forward to meeting you.  The images and pictures of the venture capitalists and investors above does not mean they are endorsing this course, our company, or anyone connected.  These images are merely representative of top investors, known by the public, and only reflect our admiration for their investing skills.