How to Improve America's Cybersecurity

Strategies to Better Protect the USA from Cyber Attacks & Hackers

We can defeat cyber criminals.  The “we” includes investors, individuals, the American government and American companies battling cyber attacks every day; but winning this next major World War will require new laws, more venture capital funding and greater transparency from American corporations.  We must act now to better protect America as a nation, and the collective privacy and safety of each American citizen.


Here are some tips, strategies and methods for improving America's battle against cyber attacks, hackers and cyber terrorists:


U.S. Congress and Executive Branch (What Legislation to Enact)


(1)  Pass economic sanctions every time our country is attacked by a foreign government or state-sponsored hacker. Money talks. Our government should stand up for the people and implement economic sanctions that have triple weight on the nation that sponsored the cyber attack. For example, if an attack against a Fortune 500 company by Russia costs that company $100 million, create sanctions of at least $300 million dollars driven by executive order if necessary. 

How to improve cybersecurity in America - policies, cyber offense and defense recommendations for Federal Government, tips for companies, defense strategies for protecting USA from cyberattacks and hacks.  Leading expert on cybersecurity investing, Ross Blankenship discusses his plan to help America battle cyber crime.

(2)  Establish a military tribunal to prosecute cyber criminals. There’s no question we’re at war – look no further than the latest attack on the most confidential information from millions of government works.  These cyber criminals wear no uniform, act without regard for our population, and continue to cripple our civil and economic infrastructure. 

(3)  Expose cyber criminals’ own private and personal data. Publish their family history, locations, and expose their criminal activity to the world. Let it be known that these egotistical, narcissistic attackers are malignant tumors who should be eradicated. 

(4)  Create economic incentives for whistleblowers. If a corporation is attacked and the company or its board knowingly omits or does not disclose the cyber attack, whistleblowers should be able to profit.

(5)  Give tax breaks to companies that invest capital in cybersecurity.  Whether it was a tax credit for a percentage or company’s total cyber spend, or a larger deduction for hardware and software (or both) spent to fight cyber crimes, economic incentives would motivate companies to act proactively, rather than retroactively. 


American Corporations (How to Protect Companies)


Corporation should no longer hide from criminals and consumers. Corporations, large and small, should share information, create a community to provide insight into attacks, and invest in cybersecurity companies that can help them battle these cyber criminals. 

All companies – large and small – should implement the following to make themselves and their customers, safer from cyber attacks:

Cybersecurity VC Firm Protecting America from Attacks. 

Cybersecurity VC Firm Protecting America from Attacks. 

(1)  Invest in white hackers who can try to hack into your company’s system. (examples: BugCrowd & Synack)

(2)  Disclose cyber attacks within 48 hours of a verified attack, data or privacy breach.

(3)  Reward managers and employees who take training courses on cybersecurity and data protection.   

(4)  Invest at least 5 to 10% of your IT budget on both hardware and software solutions for cybersecurity. Both are critical components to preventing attacks. 

(5)  Invest in cloud and email security by hiring a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). The investment in one person solely devoted to protecting your company is worth it.


American Citizens (How to Safeguard Privacy and Data)

(1)  Only work with companies that protect your privacy, that value your data, and have an open policy of disclosure that explains when and how they have been attacked.

                                      Tips on Cybersecurity in New Book 

                                      Tips on Cybersecurity in New Book 

(2)  Use Multi-factor authentication (“MFA”) for logins. Companies like Authy exist to help protect you from unlawful access to your email accounts.  

(3)  Don’t ever use the same password. There are many apps that exist to do a random password generator. And store your password offline, not in your emails.

(4)  Protect your home network. Wi-Fi. Set up a secure router and password, and do the following:

a.     Login to your router.

b.     Enable MAC filtering.

c.     Enable encryption (WEP or WPA2).

d.    Disable SSID broadcasting.

e.     Change your password every three months.

(5)  Invest in cybersecurityThrough newly-created crowd funding and equity funding sites like, you can find top startups that are battling these cyber criminals. We encourage you to visit and learn more about how startups are now protecting our nation’s greatest threats.

Though we’ll never be able to fend off every cyber attack, we can help foster the community of startups and create an environment that offensively and defensively responds to prevent the next big cyber attack. 


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