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Focused on Biotechnology and Cybersecurity

Invest in Biotechnology Startups "Biotech"

Invest in Biotechnology Startups "Biotech"

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The Angel Kings "Best of Best" Startup Investing & Pre-IPO Startups Funds

Who are our VC Investors?

Led by successful venture capitalists and early angel investors in some of the most successful startups in the past 20 years.  

Types of startups we invest?

A select fund targeting top 1% of privately-held startups in the fastest-growing sectors such as biotechnology (90% of Fund) and cybersecurity technology (10% of Fund) aimed at protecting hospitals, patients and physicians. Our VC fund size is anticipated to be more than $60,000,000 in capital and will deployed in companies that could reach an IPO - Initial Public Offering.  

We have detailed our startup investments in our course, online through the most successful YouTube channel on investing, and throughout our #1 ranked startup podcasts (The Startup Hunt by expert Ross Blankenship).

Where do we invest our capital in biotechnology startups?

Angel Kings invests in companies ranging from Silicon Valley/Palo Alto to Washington DC. Our venture capital firm interviews, completes due diligence, and maintains excellent deal flow throughout our network of biotech venture capitalists and angel investors in biotechnology.

When can you become an biotech investor, too?

How to Invest in Biotech Startups

We are currently filling a handful of remaining spots with a minimum $50,000 reservation and priority access review for $250,000 to $1,000,000 or greater, VC fund investments. Our pre-IPO fund targets startups who have a higher probability of an Initial Public Offering and with a potential greater return than standard investing models.

As you may know, investing in biotechnology companies requires a significant amount of capital. We help startups go from Phase 1 to the last phase of FDA approval. We also help startups market and develop their medical products and services through our major network of physicians and medical professionals.  


How can you become an angel investor in biotechnology?

To reserve a spot in our select fund, simply review the PPM, select your reservation level with the investor verification form.  

Once you are verified and approved as an angel investor, you can wire funds through our bank. 

Angel Kings is based in the United States, with offices in Vail, Colorado, as well as Washington D.C.  However, our angel investors meet in at least 5 international cities every year.  

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Apply Today -> Invest in the Fastest-Growing, Innovative Biotech Startups of the Future.

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Facts about The Angel Kings Investment Group.


1. Our venture capital investors are stacked with winning talent and people who make big things happen.

Award-winning 6x author and VC expert leads the major investment decisions including many of our IPOs from the biotechnology sector.

2. You get diversification and access to pre-vetted, top-ranked companies raising capital.

Angel Kings allocates capital in both early and late-stage biotechnology companies (including many with verified traction and medical research).  

3. Our investment interests are aligned with yours.

Angel Kings has the most reasonable management expenses in the industry. We make our money when there's a big liquidity event like an IPO. Our VC fund also uses a scaled carry whereby the general partners receive more when the limited partners win during a liquidity event such as an IPO.

4.  Our Venture Capital portfolio is amazing.  A winning record.

Our combined portfolio valuation includes more than $5.5 Billion and features previous startup investments in cybersecurity, biotechnology, and industries such as e-commerce and mobile apps.

Authy, Buffer, Checkr, Crew, Experiment, Homelight, InDinero, Luxe Valet, Mavrx, OneMonth, Pakible, RadPad, SendHub, TuteGenomics, Verbling, Weave Communications, Wheely's International Cafe, and Planetary Resources. 

Now that our focus is on biotechnology and medical innovation/drug discovery, we're hoping for at least 5 more IPOs by the year 2020.  

Some of our winning startup angel biotech investments:


About Angel Kings Investment Group:

Angel Kings is a top-ranked venture capital and private equity firm leading investments in high-growth sectors such as biotechnology, drones and cybersecurity.  

Our venture capital and private equity team wrote the book on venture capital and private equity, literally.  

Kings Over Aces is a bestselling book and a signed copy is available to new investors in our VC fund.  

You can also take our bestselling course on how to invest in startups here.