Most Famous Carnegie Mellon Alumni, CEOs & Graduates


Here are the four most famous notable Carnegie Mellon alum.

The first on our list is Charles Geschke.  Charles Geschke graduated from Carnegie Mellon and went on to create Adobe Systems, which is literally one of the most popular software design tools that any developer has ever used, or has ever been used in web development. That's Charles Geschke, he's the co-founder of Adobe Systems. Brilliant guy who went on to get his Ph.D. in computer science from Carnegie Mellon. He went from academic to billionaire investor and creator of Adobe Systems.

The second on our list is Vinod Khosla, Vinod Khosla. Vinod Khosla is a billionaire investor.  Before he even got there, he attended several schools including Carnegie Mellon, where he got his master's in bio-medical engineering. Having gotten his master's in Bio-Medical Engineering, he attended Stanford Business School and co-founded, alongside Andy Bechtolsheim and Scott McNealy, the company known as Sun Microsystems. Sun Microsystems, which was eventually sold to Oracle, made Vinod quite a bit of money and a bit of notoriety as well in terms of the start-up world. He's done a lot as an investor with Khosla Ventures, which he started to help foster the start-up community. Like me, he also enjoys investing and working with Carnegie Mellon current students and former students.


Andy Bechtolsheim is also a graduate of Carnegie Mellon. In 1975, he went to Carnegie Mellon University and got his master's degree in computer engineering in 1976. He was born in the German state of Bavaria, but moved to the United States and immediately attended Carnegie Mellon. That paid off quite well as he was then able to work with brilliant minds like Vinod Khosla to come up with Sun Microsystems. Now Andy is  reportedly worth about four million dollars. Quite a success story from being an international student to an American worldwide player in the semiconductor and cloud space.

Last on our list is a bit unusual but it's David Tepper. He's an American hedge fund manager and the most beneficial philanthropic to Carnegie Mellon. In fact, in 2013, gave nearly $67 million to Carnegie Mellon to form the Tepper School of Business. David Tepper attended Carnegie Mellon where he got his master's and then went on to create the hedge fund Appaloosa Management. He's done a phenomenal job as an investor and originally a trader after graduating from Carnegie Mellon.

These are the top 4 on our list of Carnegie Mellon alum, people that have made a huge difference in the Carnegie Mellon community and throughout the world as start-up entrepreneurs.


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