Most Famous NYU Alumni, CEOs and Graduates

Angel Kings is a proud investor in many of the best NYU or New York University startups. I'm going to tell you briefly about the top alums who came out of NYU and have made a big impact on the startup world.  They've not only built great companies but became part of the startup ecosystem in a big way.


First on the list is Alan Greenspan, the Federal Reserve Chair. The next on the list is Jack Dorsey, formerly of Twitter. The third on the list is Maria Bartiromo, who is formerly of CNBC but is now part of Fox Business - total rock star, and debate moderator to television journalists. Others on the list include David Bowes who has been part of pretty much any big legal battle in the news.  David is a high priced attorney, but a big time philanthropist as well, proud to him have as part of the NYU community.

Also on our list is Mr. Langone, the CEO of Home Depot. Ken Langone is one of the guys who built Home Depot because he believes in the American dream. He went to NYU's Stern School of Business, co-founded Home Depot.  He's got a wonderful family and continues to give back to NYU and the startup community. He's absolutely a rock star in many ways.

John Paulson is the last on the list who is a hedge fund manager. Much of his notoriety came out of the 2008 financial crisis when he turned the interim crisis to profit. Paulson has spent a lot of his time since gaining that notoriety to doing good things for the NYU community, so he's a hedge fund manager, billionaire, and head of Paulson and Co. He tends to give back quite frequently, and it's nice to have him as part of the NYU community.

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