Most Famous UCLA Alumni, CEOs and Graduates

This is Ross Blankenship, founder of Angel Kings, a top venture capital firm as well as an investor in some of America's top startups. I've also invested in companies that are UCLA based. They're alumni or entities that have a UCLA founder.


The top 3 startup founders and part of the ecosystem that we've ranked include Susan Wojcicki. Susan is now the current CEO of YouTube,connected to Google of course. Susan is a phenomenally innovative startup CEO. She's a type of person that you want to have on your side. Clearly she's worth a lot of money, but beyond that, in life, it's about the philanthropy and about creating awesome things that help others. As a CEO of YouTube, she's created a marketing ecosystem for people to thrive by promoting and creating a platform that distributes the messages and the voices of many people. She's top on our list.

Other people in our rankings, that we want to include, Larry Fink or Laurence D. Fink, he is an American Financial Executive. He's the Chairman and CEO of BlackRock which is one of the largest money managers in the world. BlackRock is worth billions of dollars. Himself, he is also a billionaire. He's a thought leader in the space of marketing investing. He's a long-term thinking. Somebody who believes in investing versus just trading. BlankRock has established a great name for itself as a brand in investing. He's a UCLA alum and somebody to look out for and to aspire to. He's inspiring and is one to aspire to frankly.

The third person on our list who's a UCLA graduate might not be somebody you've heard of before.  Maybe you have. He was one of the original Apple employees, Guy Kawaskaki. Guy Kawaskaki got his MBA from UCLA and went on to join Apple. He was one of the first, I guess the best phrase is, evangelist. He was a chief evangelist starting back in 1983 and built up a name for himself. Throughout that process, having been on the large corporate side and promoting Apple to become what it is today. He also co-founded Garage Technology Venture which is a VC firm that's invested in companies like Pandora, Tripwire, the Motley Fool and many great companies.

He's also one of the evangelists for the SaaS of the slide you're seeing, Canva. Canva is a free graphics design website. It's for non-designers and professionals and he's the chief evangelist for that. Canva's just taken off like a rocket ship and will clearly be worth billions of dollars, if not more, one day. He's absolutely a big part of the startup community and we applaud him for his efforts in promoting not just startups but the UCLA brand.

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