Most Famous UPenn Alumni, CEOs & Graduates

I'm about to give you some insight into the book and some strategies for you, as an investor, to help make you money. You, too, can do it. Pay close attention. I want to spend a moment talking about 1 of the best schools in the world, actually, which is the University of Pennsylvania, UPenn as it's called, and 3 particular people that have changed the face of business, worldwide, and for future generations. I'm an investor in many of the top startups coming out of UPenn, so I can speak personally about the University and its impact, particularly important for business, as a whole.


The top 3, most famous notable UPenn alum include Warren Buffett, who really needs no introduction.  Warren Buffett is one of the richest men in the world and the businessman who started Berkshire Hathaway, the conglomerate that's invested in hundreds of companies and rebuilt industries; he's a tech titan. He's worth billions of dollars, but also a philanthropic man, who still lives in his small, humble abode in Omaha, Nebraska, to make innovative investments in people, product, and process. That's Warren Buffet. He's the first, most famous of all, UPenn alum.

Second, also probably needs very little introduction,  is Donald Trump, now a potential candidate for President. He's also a billionaire, several times over, and a titan in the real estate industry. The third is Steve Wynn, a casino magnate and mogul, who is currently running Wind Resorts. Wind Resorts is a multi billion dollar company that is based in Las Vegas, but it also has outposts in Macau and around the world. That's Steve Wynn and he's not just a force in business, but also just like Trump and even Warren Buffet, one would argue, a force in politics. These are the top 3 Penn alums of all time, Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, and Steve Wynn.

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