Most Famous Williams College Alumni, CEOs & Graduates

This is Ross Blankenship, founder of Angel Kings, a top venture capital firm, as well as an investor in some of Williams College top startups.  Speaking of which, here are the top three startup founders of all time from Willams that we've ranked. Number one on our list is Herbert Lehman, who founded the now infamous Lehman Brothers, had an illustrious career in politics and was an investment banker who built up and established an empire. He graduated from Williams College back in 1899.


The second on our list is George Steinbrenner of the New York Yankees, who graduated from Williams College in 1952 where he received his bachelor's degree. He was an average student, who always involved in the sports section, and also played as a halfback on the football team at Williams. He joined the Air Force and went on to become part the New York Yankees, one of the most legendary sports franchises in history.

The third on the list is Steve Case, who graduated in 1980 from Williams College and believe it or not, had a Political Science degree and had very little to do with Engineering or Science at all. He was then one of the first founding team members of AOL America Online, which grew to become the largest internet service provider during the 90s, and has since created Revolution Ventures, or Revolution LLC, a venture capital firm like Angel Kings.

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