Online Market Research Tools for Startups

 Top 5 Ways To Connect Startups with their Customers at a Lower Cost

Why do startups need to do market research?

Well, as a start-up, if you've got a business plan that you want to validate, you need to use the free tools available to figure out whether people are interested and whether they would actually buy your product or service. What we've done at AngelKings is we've ranked for you the best, the top five ways to do market research.

Number one on our list are Google Trends.

Number two is Invision.

Number three is just a basic Google search, the search engine itself.

Number four is WolframAlpha.

Number five is Validately.

Google Trends is our #1 recommended online market research tool for startups.

Google Trends is our #1 recommended online market research tool for startups.

Google Trends. Why did we rank this number one? As a start-up, you want to save money instead of always spending money, so Google Trends is a free place to find out what the masses are searching for on Google every day. With Google Trends, you can log in through your account and do a basic search. For example, let's say you were trying to open up an online car shop and you want to sell cars. Well, if you're in a particular area, you can load Google Trends and see how large is the demand for your shop; how many people are searching for that term in your city; and more importantly, you can actually find long-tail keywords that are less expensive for your SEO and will get you better customers.

How Can Each Of These Online Market Research Tools Help Your Startup?

For more complex research, WolframAlpha would be up there on our list. WolframAlpha is more useful if you're doing more math, science, chart analytics. Otherwise, we recommend all of these 5 tools to do your market research online. Remember, too, all of these five are free


How do you build your marketing campaign based on the research from these top 5 tools?

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