How Startups Get Sales Leads

The Top Strategies for Startups To Get Sales Leads And Convert Them To Startup Revenue

How can you connect with your existing customers and keep them loyal to your product?

How can you connect with your existing customers and keep them loyal to your product?

What are the most important tips on acquiring sales leads?

Number one is reach out and send an email out to your top 50 closest friends and family members. In crowded spaces it's tough to get the next lead because competition is hard. By reaching out to close friends and family members you can say you started a new process and want their help. They will be excited to try help you out and try a new product. 

The second thing is get advice from your first customers whether it's your friends or family who bought it. We recommend that it's not your friends and family that you use to get advice on, but clearly you can get advice from the two. Try to make these 5 customers who will help shape your product be somebody that doesn't know you. The first thing is reach out to your top 50 closest friends and family. Maybe they know people that would buy you product and these people can give you valuable feedback too. 

Get advice from your first 5 customers who may not even know you.

The second thing is get advice from your first 5 customers who may not even know you. Find out why they bought your product, what it is about your product, how it worked, what things that can be improved and take note of what they say. Part of being a great startup entrepreneur being part of a sales team is to listen. You've got to listen to your first 5 customers.

The third thing is ask your first 5 customers to refer a friend. You could set up a deal where if they refer a friend, maybe you can give them 50% off or give them some sort of discount. That's up to you. I don't necessarily think you have to do the discount at any point to sell your product, and sometimes it devaluates it. Work out some deal with them where they'll refer a friend to be a part of that branch of 5 customers, which can lead to 10 who refer another 20. You want to build out a nice branch of people that know about your product without having spent one dime.

What are the top 5 strategies for startups to get sales leads?

What are the top 5 strategies for startups to get sales leads?

Ask your first 5 customers, and be very upfront, "Hey, I’m new to this industry, but I would love to have you as a customer and once you're a customer, I'm going to prove to you that I can do a great job. I want you to make me a promise that if I do a great job and you love my product and my service, that you'll refer a friend." That is huge, and it really works wonders for startups.

The fourth thing is give away free tips in your niche. I mentioned earlier in the video on our course here at Angel Kings the fact that you have to spend money to make money. You're going to have to spend time writing articles, becoming what we call a thought leader in the space. Writing great content that you share across your social media, across the various platforms - your website, your blog, maybe your podcast - you're going to have to write free tips.

There might be some skeptics out there listening to this or watching this course saying, "Well, what do you mean free tips? Why would I ever give away anything for free?" Time and time again through the startups that we've invested in at Angel Kings when that reluctance is shown, we prove to them by saying, "Hey, write 5 articles about your industry and publish it online. Share it on your social media and tell people how they can find out more." Every time they've spent the time to do that, they've had at least one customer.


Become a thought leader in your space, and give away free tips.

You've got to give away free tips, free content to find customers, and it works like a charm. Maybe it's one article a week that you write in your niche, but write prolifically.

The fifth thing is go old school in a new-tech environment. You've got a new company and want to figure out how to reach customers. The tendency is to send an email to 1000 people and ask them to buy your product. Two things: 1) it goes against number 4 which is to say don't just promote yourself, give away free content, and that in turn people will see that you're the thought leader. That's why you don't do it. 2) The far touch or low touch system there where you send an email, hoping people actually open it and then further hoping that they'll actually click on your product and buy it is just unrealistic. 

Go out and buy some nice thank you notes or go out and buy some nice cardstock paper and write a handwritten letter or handwritten notes to your first customers thanking them. They're more likely to press delete on their email that they got from you, than they are to not hold on to your nice thank you note saying "Hey, appreciate you being a customer." That small investment in some nice cardstock paper with your card goes along way.



By the way, because 99% of people who aren't lucky enough to be watching this course send emails, you're going to be one that stands out. I hope those 5 things helped you. Definitely sign up for our course where we're going to be talking about a lot more about converting sales leads.

What are the best sales strategies that will help bring in revenue for your startup?

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