Stanford's Most Famous Alumni, CEOs and Graduates

I want to talk to you about 3 of the most famous Stanford alumni and their impact on society and technology in general. 

Number one on our list is a combined duo of Larry Page and Sergey Brin. These 2 individuals single-handedly redefined the way that we access information. They founded Google - a company so influential that Google is now the interchangeable word for information searching just  as Kleenex is to tissue.  Google it.   Larry Page and Sergey Brin are now worth estimated between 25 to 50 billion dollars individually. During their time in the 90s at Stanford University, they were both Ph.D. students in the engineering department and they wrote their thesis on what's called PageRank. This PageRank thesis became what is the technological underpinning of what is now Google. That PageRank ID search and being able to refer people to the right search result ranks websites based on their potential relevance to the user.  If it weren't for them having been PhD students at Stanford and learning how to monetize their thesis, modern search maybe completely different.


The second on our list is one who's less on the radar and people don't talk about him as much is Phil Knight, who created the titan brand, Nike. You're probably either wearing Nike shoes or you've worn them sometime in your life if you're runner, an athlete or if you just like shoes or need shoes period. The modern evolution of the runner wouldn't have happened and modern evolution athletics wouldn't have come about if not for the brilliant mind of this Stanford alum, Phil Knight. He's worth billions of dollars now, but beyond that, he's had an impact in many different philanthropic ventures as well. That's Phil Knight - the number 2 Stanford alum all time.

Number 3 on our list is somebody you've probably heard of as well. His name is Elon Musk. The inventor and former founder of PayPal, who took his venture success with PayPal and invested into other things such as the car company, Tesla.  SpaceX is another one of his ventures, which is a privately held enterprise at this recording, but will most likely be publicly traded in the future.  SpaceX is changing the way people travel and potentially travel into space on a regular basis. It's commercializing space travel and he's invested in creating Solar City, an enterprise that provides both businesses and consumer solar energy. Elon Musk who is also worth several billion dollars and continues to invest in new innovations like Hyperloop Technologies, Hyperloop Technologies to change the way transportation is and more importantly the way the dynamics between society and future technology work.

These are the famous, the most famous Stanford alum based on their startups, entrepreneurship and having been founders that came out of Stanford University, a wonderful university. I want to tell you, if you want to invest in Stanford's top startups, we've found the next great entrepreneurs from Stanford and you can do that by reserving a spot at 


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