Best Software For Teleworkers and Telecommuters

How Does Teleworking Help Startups?

How Do These Software Tools Help Startups?

What are some of the best software tools for teleworkers?

What are some of the best software tools for teleworkers?

One of the rankings that we've done for you is a ranking on the best software tools for remote work and telecommuting for less than a hundred dollars per month. 

Let's say you have a flexible telecommuting office, where many of your co-workers decide to work at home. We get just as much done. Take buffer, for example. They have a transparent model, where people can work from home. If you plan to be like Buffer, you need to have the right tools in place so you can create a layer of not just transparency between the main office and the remote staff member, but there also needs to be a layer of efficiencies that will be added onto that.  You can't just expect to work from home and use email. I mean that's not going to cut it. 

Let's talk about it. Here are the ones that we use at AngelKings, and we can vouch for. We vouch for only companies we've used, products we've used, services that we understand, and can convey that to you. The best one that we've seen and used are both Slack and Box. Slack, for the purpose of putting a forum for employees to connect, to share primary topics, to categorize. You see the hash tag in the logo. That's a way to organize conversations in an efficient way. Slack is growing exponentially, and you've got to be using Slack if you are telecommuting. It's above and beyond the best communication platform for all remote work and telecommuting.

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Why is #slack ranked as our #1 best telework software tool?

Why is #slack ranked as our #1 best telework software tool?

On the other end of that is Box, which is a way to store, and gather all of your output, including important documents the work that you're creating. Box is a secure platform for sharing and facilitating a transfer of information. I would definitely recommend Box as a solution for working at home and sharing things. There's obviously Google Drive, which is a free version of that, but if you're dealing with secure documents and things that are important for your company, or information that's important, I would check out Box for the additional layer of security.

The second level are Google Hangouts and PivotalTracker, both two different things.  Google Hangouts is a nice software tool for remote work. It's free, first off, which is nice. If you're trying to go the frugal affordable route, which you should as a startup, then that's what Google offers.  Google Hangouts brings everybody together, and you can have many people in one room doing a video chat, a video conference, and still work remotely doing that.

PivotalTracker is more for the software developer side.  If you're a software company, and you're creating a web app, then you need a platform to not only debug and show bugs that you've spotted, but, also, create a process for the software development team to track everything that's going on on the software product pipeline. PivotalTracker is an excellent option for that.

On the next tier in thinking in terms of what you need to be thinking about if you're remote working or telecommuting are Basecamp and Nomad List. We've used Basecamp literally for years now, and we like Basecamp for their philosophy of transparency and all the writing that comes out of that company. We discovered them through their great content. Besides being a great thought leader in their space, Basecamp is another additional way to organize data, organize information, store documents, and communicate. For example, if you don't necessarily use Slack, I would try Basecamp as an alternative. It's also

Nomad List is a new resource for startups, and if you want to work anywhere in the world, and you are traveling a lot, and you're essentially trying to figure out a place that's safe where you could connect and work remotely in a nice environment, Nomad List is that resource.

If you've got any questions, and you're trying to figure out how to build a great company, or you're an investor who wants to be part of awesome companies, get in touch with us at Angel Kings.  We look forward to speaking with you. 

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